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Diet of a Busy Thai Boxer (Help Appreciated)

Hi guys

I’m a Thai boxer living in Thailand. I train alot every day that doesn’t leave me with many feeding opportunities. Here is my schedule:

7 AM Wake up
7.30-11 Morning training
11 Whey protein shake with banana
12 Rice/noodles with chicken/pork/fish and vegetables
1-2 Nap and maybe some fruit/nuts before training
3.30-7 Afternoon training
7.30 Again rice/noodles with some form of protein and vegetables and fruit/yoghurt afterwards
10 Sleep

Does anyone have any advice on how I could improve my diet for optimal athletic performance? I recently bought a big bottle of liquid fish oil, when would be the best times to take it?

Thanks for any help.

Edit: Sorry I double posted this thread!

Take the fish oil throughout the day.

You don’t have amounts listed but I suspect your cals are way too low.

You don’t eat anything from 7am to 11 even through training? Man, I’d be puking from low blood sugar. There needs to be something before/during the training for sure.

Might want to add something before bed if you want to gain weight.

So it’s ok to take fish oil at the same time as rice? From the articles I’ve read by Beradi etc they say not to eat high fat and high carb together so I was wondering if that would be ok.

I find it easier to train in the morning on an empty stomach. Getting kneed, punched and kicked in the belly doesn’t mix well with a full stomach and I really don’t want to have to wake up earlier to eat something as I need alot of sleep with all the hard training. I think I’m going to drink green tea before training though for a little bit of a boost. Maybe a protein shake would work aswell.

I’m not looking to gain weight as I want to stay in my weight class, but I’m looking to lean out a bit while building a bit of muscle (I’m coming back from an injury so not as fit as I was a few months ago) to remain at the same weight.

Oh no no my friend, Berardi himself is moving away from “carb + fat meal = no no”.

Fish oil, throughout the day is no problem.

btw i come from asia, and uh… rice noodles + bbq pork slices (im sure you get bbq pork slices with them noodles =P or belly) and usually those noodles are covered in seasme sauce (carb + fat + protein)… So why sweat the fish oiL?

and if you believe in Berardi, you wouldn’t be eating yogurt or fruits before bed. It’d be more like fat + protein. Right?

I usually get a boiled noodle soup with stuff like pork liver, kidney etc and lots of vegetables and chillis. No sesame sauce so it’s not really high in fat.

This is the thing I have been wondering about, I eat carbs + protein for pretty much all my meals as I’m always eating just after training for 3+ hours. Doesn’t really leave much room for protein + fat meals. But if it’s ok to eat fat with carbs then I will just add the fish oil with the carb meals. Thanks for the help!

Oh man; i used to love that stuff. But i aint as active as you haha… It alll went to my waist. =/

Pork intestines and kidneys are the best. and Liver… In the soup… sigh.

You lift weights…? or do you just bite the rope and lift up a Tin of Milo Filled with cement with your neck? and beat up a palm tree. Cause thats what my friends in Thailand did as they lived in the rural villages where muai thai was the only real source of income.

Yeah I love all those innards of animals! haha They’ve got to be good for me. At least that’s what my Thai trainer tells me :slight_smile:

Yeah I do the whole lifting weights with my teeth every day to build jaw and neck strength. Also one of the trainers spent time training in England and learnt some more modern strength exercises. Now we do dumbbell clean and presses, swings and snatches here.