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Diet Needs Your Help


i am 21 years old, 5'9'' 205 lbs, and about 13-15 % body fat i would like to loose about 3 percent body fat and i would be very happy. i am currently doing 4-5 heavy workouts a week with 2-3 cardio sessions. any diet input would be greatly appreciated.

diet 1
meal 1
2 serving Metabolic Drive and Grow!
1 cup oatmeal

meal 2 post workout
1 serving Surge
1 scoop protein
5 g creatine

meal 3
8 oz chicken
4 oz veggies (spinach or brocolli)
4 fish oil

meal 4
1 can tuna
3 whole eggs
4 fish oil tabs

meal 5
6-8 oz chicken, turkey, fish, lean beef
4 oz veggies
4 fish oil

meal 6
1/2 cup non fat cottage cheese
1 scoop Metabolic Drive and Grow!
4 fish oil tabs




In my humble opinion you are taking way to my supplements. Strange this thread just came about now. I was just remembering how things were for me 6 months ago or so. I was drinking lots of protein powder and shit, and not being very successful. As soon as I cut it out and replaced protein powder and milk with steak and chicken breast I started getting way better strength gains. Mind you I wasn't taking the same stuff as you. Never the less... people can't replace nature. Buy some meat.