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Diet Myths for a Better Informed Public



Definitely a step in the right direction with informing the public.


good post, solid information for the vastly misinformed population of people, escpecially these resolutionists crowding up the gym. I might printt this out and put it up the in the locker room


Chocolate bar =/= Dark chocolate/cacao nibs.

Most jerkys I've come across in convenience stores list soy protein first on the label, he mentions beef jerky, but that isn't what I've come across, so this is 50/50.

What a joke. Between fruits, vegetables, ground flax, and whole grains, this is a load of shit.

That article was hit and miss.


wow, that was pretty good. and now i have justification for eating 85% cocoa chocolate! yay!


The entry about red meat deserves a serious repeating.



That was very good in that it was the sort of thing many people on the cutting edge (here for example) already knew, but I wish they'd included the thing about eggs giving you high cholesterol. Also I'd say with how smart they were they were a little too hard on Gatorade and other sports drinks. I mean I'm 250lbs and will sometimes run 30 mins or more outside in a Taiwan sub-tropical summer and once in a blue moon will have a Gatorade after. No way that's NOT helping me afterward.
But otherwise yeah...great article.

It just reminds me of a guy at work that said he wanted to cut down on coffee because it's not good for you....yeah, what is this..1988?!?!?


Whole grain cereal and non-fat milk are the best postworkout!


That's probably the best nutrition articles I've ever seen on such a mainstream website, and some people are still more focused on picking nits.


He didn't suggest leaving out the gatorade, he just said get some protein in there too.

Sure the cereal/milk bit might not be optimal, but more people are likely to eat that than down a protein shake.


It was probably the best one I have seen in a long time appealing to the public.


Unfortunately the meal timing thing is a little off. Everybody is still on the "6 meals a day" bandwagon, and I think it'll take a long time for people to come around on that one.


He strongly emphasized that dark chocolate should be consumed, so I don't see why that's a problem. What kind of jerky are you eating? I've never eaten any jerky that's primarily soy, but even if it was I don't see why that would be a problem for a woman. I would imagine they are the demographic of interest. And 38 grams of fiber may not be unattainable for soemone who eats like us, but for an average person it's close to impossible without fiber powders or the like, which don't have the same effect as fiber in food.

Great article on the whole.


Did you even read the article or what I wrote?

This is bullshit. Chocolate bars ARE empty calories, and if you're someone that thinks that this is what's been holding you back from attaining the physique of your dreams, you're sadly mistaken. Don't call chocolate bars a 'myth', they are shitty food, plain and simple.
Like I previously stated, Chocolate bar =/= Dark chocolate/cacao nibs.

Are you a woman? Is that why you don't have an issue with soy jerky?
Again, if you read what I wrote, I stated that the kind of jerky that I've seen in convenience stores/gas stations was primarily soy-based. When I eat jerky, it's deer from my friend.
I don't know why you think that "it's okay" for women to eat, if anything it would be worse for them b/c their estrogen levels are already higher than men.


No I didn't. I actually managed to quote you and commend the article without reading either.

I thought it was pretty clear what he was intending to say with chocolate bars. Since dark chocolate does in fact come in bar form, and dark chocolate is good, chocolate bars aren't automatically bad (read: the myth in question).

No I'm not a woman. But soy protein is fine for women (I don't know why you think it's not), and they are in my estimation the intended audience of the article. Since the article is not written for bodybuilders, I think it did an excellent job of addressing myths believed by the general population. You are just being annoyingly nit-picky.


9 was gay. Why nonfat milk? WTF? And did you NOT just get enough carbs from the gatorade to be needing the cereal?


They should just have posted a link to the beginner stickies instead of writing the article.


Goddamnit, I hate seeing that shit about diet soda and obesity--causation versus correlation!


I smell inconsistency. He talks about how low-fat is usually not the healthier option because it tends to have more sugar, then goes ahead and recommends low-fat milk. WTF? I wonder if that's inconsistency on the author's part, or the result of editors feeling they need to include some bullshit about whole grains and skim milk so that their readers don't have a brain aneurysm from all the new information. Full-fat grass fed dairy...what's so hard about writing that?


Word choices are key in the myth about low-fat.

"Often" doesn't mean "always" and is used specifically to allow for exceptions to the rule. You even touched on that by your own use of the phrase "is [u]usually[/u] not the healthier option..."

And as far as I understand, so far, most of us keep fat low and carbs high in the post-workout window anyway. So what's your beef with recommending low-fat white or chocolate milk?

Overall, it's good to see this kind of information making its way into the realm of the general public, IMO.


Funny how the myth about eating three meals a day turns out not to be a myth.