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Diet Modification


I had my diet analyzed by a 4th year nutrition major (yeah, I know they don't know too much, but it was free). I got a big suprise at the breakdown. My diet SUCKS. Ideas on how to change it for the better?

4860 cals per day
2210 cals from fat
968 cals from protein
1760 cals from carbs

Obviously, less fat, more protein and carbs, but anything beyond that?


You need to give us so much more info. For starters...how much do you weigh eating all that food? What are your goals?
I like to know what that nutritionist said!


Here's the food breakdown for that day. I have been eating eggs and oatmeal for breakfast recently. Dinner changes night to night (meal 5 and 6).

Meal 1
1c coffee
2c frosted miniwheats
2c 2% milk

Meal 2
Breakfast burrito (Eggs, potato, sausage, cheese)

Meal 3
Sandwich (whole wheat, ham, mayo, mustard, cheese lettuce)
1.5 c Pasta Salad
12 oz whole milk

Meal 4
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich (4 tbs PB 1 tbs jelly, whole wheat bread)
2 c milk

Meal 5
12 oz ground beef
1 white burger bun
2 slices cheese
1 c 2% milk

Meal 6 ?Shishkabobs
12 oz tri-tip
2 c veggies (tomatoes/red pepper/mushrooms)
1 c 2% milk

My stats:
200 lbs, 10% BF, 2650 BMR

I am trying to gain weight at the moment, <5-10 lbs by New Years.

The nutritionist told me to cut my fat (esp. sat. fat) intake, and to up my carbs. Sadly, she didn't tell me much more than I already knew.


And yet you're 6'2" @190 and 9% bodyfat

Why would you change a thing. It appears to be working for you


Mabey switch to skim milk, lean ground beef, cut out the peanut butter, and no mayo.
The next step might be to use less or no cheese, and eggs.

If you feel hungry sub in more protein (No Fat cottage cheese) or carbs (No fat Yogrut, you can even mix cerial or Grow! in it).

And if you've got the cash, and still want more, try Grow!, or try cooking with Grow! (even makeing bars for throughout the day). Look to the Shake It up series for ideas here.

(Disclamer: I don't know anything.)


...and the tears start falling again.

I think when I become a dietitian, I will make it my life's goal to stop this hatred for dietitians from athletes.

Anyway, I agree with a lot of the previous suggestions to cut saturated fat in your diet. Remember, even though your diet might be working for you physique-wise, that does not automatically make it healthy. The Atkins Diet works for losing fat, but it isn't healthy. Starvation works in the short run, too, but it isn't healthy. The nutrition student you consulted was probably (like, 99.9% probably) more concerned with your long-term health than your current physique goals.

A lot of saturated fat is still dangerous (albeit in varying degrees)whether you are 5% bf or 35% bf. Now, you do lessen the danger by being an athlete (I assume you are one), but why create that danger to begin with?

The student told you to reduce total fat intake. Immediately, I know that some people are going to say that you shouldn't reduce your fat ratio if you've found it has contributed to your low body fat percentage. I'm not an expert yet by far, but I recently learned that saturated fat provides no indispensible benefits to the body. Therefore, if you want to keep the same fat ratio, you won't miss anything by replacing saturated fat with unsaturated fats. Recommendations to reduce total fat intake are often made because total fat intake is usually proportionate to saturated fat intake. Although, if you are more concerned with health than physique, it wouldn't hurt to lower total fat a bit to make more room for other types of foods that provide varying nutritional benefits.

I guess my bottom line is that looking good does not always indicate healthiness. Hell, my father was a lean and active old guy who passed all of his stress tests when he had emergency triple bypass surgery. Don't take your diet for granted.