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Diet --Meal Ideas?


I've been reading a lot of articles to help with weight loss and think I have all the necessary information.

I'm 20 years old
6' 2"
313lbs (down 7lbs this week). Approximately 35% bf.
My Bmr is 2838. I decided to go with a calorie deficit of 600.
Caloric intake 2238
50/50 split of calories from protein and fats. 200grams protein and 90 grams of fat. I will aim for 25-30 grams of carbs per day. 35+ grams of fiber and 15+ grams of fish oil.
I've been drinking at least 90% pure water. Usually ill break down and have a half a glass of soda or juice, but I'll try and curb this towards something like green tea with a dab of honey.

I plan to spread this over 5 small meals per day. Now I really would appreciate some help with what I should eat. I can only eat plain chicken breasts and salad (shiver) so many times. I feel totally uncreative when trying to make healthy meals. I've spent to long thinking up fried dough pizzas stuff with chicken drench in hot wing sauce (A single tear...).

So can anything recommend a solid breakdown that would give me a good start towards meeting these goals and would taste good? At the moment I've been eating just steamed veggies and chicken or pork.


You should check out Chris Shugarts stuff or John Berardi they always have delicious recipes and are very creative


precision nutrition is your friend


Do some research and look up the macros of different kinds of foods. Put them in categories, Protein/carb/fat.

Make a list for all three of those categories and mix accordingly, that's the easiest way to get started IMO. Then you can get into different cooking techniques/spices.