diet manipulation

hey guys, alright, alright, i’ll make you proud yet!! you’ll see!! :wink:
I got a couple more questions, ok, so i got the skinny bastard diet, i got my calorie intake all down, protein, carbs etc, heres how it is for me
i will have to consume 4750 calories per day
I will eat 6 meals a day
each meal will have 792 calories, 127g of carbs and 48g of protein, 25g of fat will be consumed in the first meal of the day, 26g of fat will be consumed at the last meal, before bedtime
this will all add up to 4750 calories, 760g of carbs, 285g of protein and 51 g of fat c
now heres my question, i have to go for the good stuff ya know, the food thats high in carbs and low in fat, so, i was thinking, on the skinny bastard diet there is no mentioning of fsyrups or honey, even though they have 0% fat, i was wondering if there is some reason why they should not be used, is there? if nt then ill just mix 1/4 cup of syrup with one pouch of oatmeal and get about 87g of carbs right there - also i was thinking of using canned fruits like pineapple as carb foods and to add a little variety. I wonder how much meat i would eat i mean, salmon for example has like, no carbs, and im looking for carb rich foods, someone help me out? :wink:



Yo buddy, your not reading,… i only read the first two lines and noticed you messed up already. Re againa nd tell me what your mistake is. Ill give you my diet which is 5400 cals or so. you’ll def gain weight with it. Just tell me what you did wrong.

The problem with taking down things like syrup are twofold.

First, if it’s a high GI this will reduce your insulin sensitivity which will make gaining LBM harder.

Second, if you’re taking in things that use high fructose corn syrup it won’t do anything to your insulin response as fructose is processed through your liver but it is very hard on your liver if you force it to do this day after day. It can lead to fatty liver disease.

Plus it can give you great peaks and valleys in your energy levels (see first item above)


hey cmon, if i knew what i did wrong id redo it and stop bugging you guys :wink:
well if anything, stu is right that was my guess too, that the syrups would fill me up too fast, but otherwise, my calorie intake is all calculated right, carbs, protein, they all seem fine for bulking up according to the sb diet… so, is the problem the fact that i suggested syrups? cmon now, id gulp down a whole jar of aunt jeminas if it didnt harm me :wink: im sure many would, but i cant because it’ll only do worst, so i wont, anyways thanks for the help


Cacalooch, use a little syrup for flavor. But choosing quality carbs will increase the odds that the weight you put on is LBM and not FM.

Adding to what Sturat said, honey and sugar and high fructose corn syrup and fructose in general all refill liver glycogen stores ONLY, not muscle glycogen stores, which is your goal for eating carbs in the first place. And what’s worse, if liver glycogen is full (usually), those carb-sugars are converted to triglyceride and stored as body fat.

Your goal should be to eat starchy carbs; i.e., white potatoes, white rice, spaghetti, etc.; anything with LOW FIBER. High fiber, and you’ll have trouble meeting your numbers.

If I’ve got you right, your meals are going to look like this?

Meal 1 P+F
Meal 2 P+C
Meal 3 P+C
Meal 4 P+C
Meal 5 P+C
Meal 6 P+F

When are you lifting weights in conjunction with the above schedule? It is far more idea. to take in the majority of your starchy carbs in the two meals after your workout. Also, the first meal of the day is an ideal time to take in carbs because you are most/more insulin sensitive (a good thing).

Are you following John Berardi’s P+F and P+C food combining principles? (crossing fingers)

Keep a protein shake P+F in the fridge. Take a glass or two of water before you go to bed. When you hit the bathroom, chug down the pre-made shake.

Good luck to you. Actually, your plan is starting to look pretty good.

1st: 58g of fat is way too low. You’re not getting much in terms of omega-3’s and 9’s which are necessary. Eat your salmon, and flax oil, and nuts.

2nd: Nix the “Pouches” of oatmeal. I know the crap your talking about. It’s the fruit flavoured stuff loaded with sugar. Get one of those giant bags of 3 minute oats, and pour some hot water on it. Spice with Cinnamon Protein powder and you’re good to go.

3rd: You said you’re nearly 200 lbs right? So you should be taking in well over 300g of protein a day (I’m 187 and get 310g). That’ll be easy to do once you add your meats, and fish.

4th: 762g of carbs? That seems WAY too high. Once again, you need to re-adjust your calories by introducing more “GOOD” fats and protein to your diet and reducing the carbs to about 400g.

5th: Meal timing is critical. Tampa-Terry touched on it so read his post.

6th: I find it tough to eat nearly 800 calories in a meal. If you find it easy then 6 meals is enough. If you find it difficult consider going upwards of 8 meals a day like I do…that puts me closer to 600 cals per meal which is more managable for my stomach.

You’re not quite there but at leasted heading on the right track. Keep reading and learning.

hey thanks a lot guys for all your help, im learning im learning, thanks tampa-terry for your input. I am following Berardi’s diet meal combinations, well intending on it, ive decided to completly stop and design a diet that works, then go on it, dont want to waste my time with bad diets. Now, you guys are totally righ, i mean 792 calories per meal, its pretty high, i mean, when we’re talking about low fat foods, its kinda hard to get a combination right that will give me enough carbs, calories and protein. I got all the protein taken care of, with whey protein i can chug it down and be all set, thats not a problem, now the carbohydrates pose a problem because of thye amount i have to eat to get them, and i have to stay hungry all the time, so, syrups are ruled out, maybe for flavoring like it was suggested, and im back to basics, eating eating eating lots of food. Low fat, high caloric foods with high carbs that will your satiety at a low… hmmmm, better go back to the supermarket and read some more labels.

Cacalooochhhh :wink:

Actually, I agree with ND’s advice. You need more than 6 meals when bulking, especially if you have trouble putting on weight. (Duh!)

As far as designing a diet, it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing thing. Nothing wrong with implementing positive changes in your diet as you learn something new. I’m STILL learning and STILL changing and tweaking and fine-tuning, and it just keeps getting better and better.

It’s a journey, Cacalooch. . .

oh geez, 8 meals a day
im gonna have to get out the calculator again
ND, do you really think 400g of carbs is enough as a daily dose? if so, thatd make my life wayyyyyyy easier because its the carbs that are gonna fill me up, and thats what i was fearing when i looked over the numbers. by the way, is it completly absurd to change your workout routine timing from 10am to 7 or 8pm, having two jobs kills me.
I realize this may be just too late for the workout and also that i would have to redesign my whole diet to make sure i dont screw myself over, any suggestions? quiting a job is a possibility…


Calch: I eat 300g of carbs when bulking and 100g of carbs when cutting. 400g should be plenty.

8 meals a day is not that tough. Give it a try.

Regarding workout time…it’s not absurd. Some people here workout at 2am because it’s convenient for them. Do what works for you. But regardless of your workout time you’re post-workout and following meal should be P+C.

Sorry…that wasn’t supposed to say Calch, but Cacal: My typing was off for some reason

Thanks a lot ND, thats very helpful and very good news, i was getting worried the time change would screw me up. 400 carbs a day… we’re talking about a hard gainer here, i believe according to the skinny bastard diet i would have to get more than that, 400 carbs can be consumed without a problem for me, that would be around 50 carbs a meal… hmmmm i dont know why but i feel like doubling that… i’ll double check my diet plan yet again and make sure im getting enough before i make changes.



Here’s an idea…make sure your getting enough protein (300+ g) and good fats first. Than fill in the rest with carbs.