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Diet Log Questions

i’m just starting a diet log today after reading “The Missing Ingredient” article, and another post here. While today is my first day, i retrospectively filled out through this past thursday to get a basic idea of what im taking in.

Ok, previous questions didnt get information i needed. Any one have any general tips for keeping this? its a hard habbit to start, but worth it in the end.

Also, how much supplement is too much. At the end of yesterday i noticed i had only gotten 180g protein (33% of calories) and only 2600 kcal. Idealy i should alter my diet to spread calories/conten through out the day, but in an event like that would could i just take 1 or 2 servings of a meal replacement (protein powder or otherwise) and take note for the next day? I only have allow meal that is in bar or shake form each day, so its not like im living a “powdered existance.”


To save time and money between classes pack a lunch. A little prep time on a Sunday night can make your life easier. When I was in school I would mix up a few containers of rice/chicken/beans to bring with me on the days I was on campus for a long period of time. It’s cheaper in the long term than ordering a bagel sandwich on campus.

When did said article appear on T-Mag? I would like to read it, so if you could let me know where to find it, or better yet a link, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks, Rob

Buy a food scale and get your girlfriend and yourself in the habit of weighing and measuring everything as you cook. It only takes a few extra seconds and is the most important part of an accurate log