Diet Knowledge?

Okay, guys…to each his own…I’m no critic of what one chooses to do. But here is my question:

While cruising the Steroid portion of “the Forum”, something came to me. I fail to believe (especailly with what and how some things are asked) that a lot of people even have a cursory knowlege of diet and nutrition, much less what amounts to some very powerful pharmaceuticals. Is it just me, or is this sort of a “scary” thought; where someone may barely understand what a macronutrient is but is willing to inject something that has the potential to alter their basic physiology?

Hey…just a thought…

Most definately appears to be a lot of those individuals out there - way more than a person would initially think. But then again, it doesn’t totally surprise me.

Just take a look at the majority of the questions on this forum - “what type of supplements do I need to help in recovery?” or “what type of supplements do I take for increased fat-loss?” I mean, how many of these people asking THESE questions have taken a long hard look at their diets FIRST before considering supplementation? It’s taken me a LONG time to even begin taking creatine. I wanted to first know how to manipulate nutritionally, my needs before resorting to a pill or powder.

I fear that most other people are not that way and would rather want a easier route - the "cure-all" in a tablet or injectable. *heavy sigh*

Hey, you know how it is with some people. “I’ll do anything to get big!!!” (Anything, that is, unless it involves actually educating myself…)

People naturally want to do what is easiest; the path of least resistance. They want to believe they can just take something to achieve a goal. Getting your nutrition together is much harder. They’re bombarded by hype from supplement companies, too, perpetuating false hopes.