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Diet Info Need


i just tried to peace this diet together please look at it and any thing to add or drop much appretiated o by the weigh trying to gain weight.

im 200. 20 years 10 percent 5"9

9.00 am 10 egg whites 1 orange
510 cal/ 26g carbs/71g protein
11.00 am 8 oz of chicken 1/4 cup rice 1/2 cup pea nuts
370 cal/34g carbs/49g protein
12.30 1 penut butter sandwhich 1/4 cup rice 4 oz steak
660 cal/63g carbs/36g protein
1-3 gym with carb force and 5 g creatine
280 cal/ 52g carbs
3.00 protein shake 5g creatine 10g glutamin 1/4 cup rice
410cal/ 40g carbs/ 49g protein
5.00 8 oz of chiken 1/4 lentals beans 1/2 cup rice
650 cal/ 94g carbs/ 72g protein
7.00 protein shake 10g creatine 3 blend 1/4 cup lentanls 1/2 cup peanuts 1/2 of 1/4 cup rice
785 cal/59g carbs/ 71.5g protein
9.00 2 peanut butter sandwhich ,1/2 cup lentals
790 cal/ 74g carbs/46g protein
3.00 protein extra scoop 1/2 of 1/4 cup rice
465 cal/ 26 carbs/ 70.5g prtoien


Egg whites? Very little fats? Lots of lentil and rice? only Peanuts?

I just don't know where to start.



i thought it wouldbe a clean bulk


Post it in a easier to read format otherwise no one is going to read it.

Include your totals of pro, carb and fats.

Initial thoughts -

You seem to be following what some of the professional body-builders say they are doing on their sites. We've all been there at some stage. You should remember that these guys have a lot more muscle, experience and supplements than you do which is a factor in their food choices. Following exactly what they do is not going to lead to optimal results.

Stick to carbohydrate based meals for breakfast and during/after training.

Your other meals can be fat based - think steak with olive oil sautéed veggies, roasted chicken, nuts with a shake, WHOLE EGGS etc

You're protein is coming out at around 2.5g per lb which is overkill. Try bringing it down to 1.5g per lb (300g protein total).

For your gym shake just mix the carb force, protein and creatine together having it as one shake after the session or split it in two and have half during/half after.

I don't know whether you're loading on creatine at the moment or what? Read the required dosing on the packet and change accordingly.

Seems to be a heavy reliance on chicken, beans, lentils and rice? I don't know your circumstances but don't be afraid to change it up a little. Some people find their digestion improves with the removal of beans and lentils? Try it out?

Peanuts are good calorie wise for your goals but aren't the best choice. Try almonds, cashews and others.

What will work for you is relative to your goals and make up. The only way you can begin to find out what suits you is to experiment with it. You're eating big which is what a lot of youngsters fail to grasp so continue but tweak it as you become more knowledgeable through reading the articles above.

These articles helped me when I first began: