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Diet Help.

My main goal right now is to lose some fat. This is what my typical daily diet looks like:

1 cup oatmeal (or) 1 cup fiber cereal.
1/2 cup raisins (or) 1/2 cup berries.
1 glass skim milk (or) 1 cup O.J
1 piece of fruit.

(WORKOUT)(gonna start ABBH MONDAY)
mixture of creatine, gatorade while working out.
1 protein shake post workout.

2 slices Whole Wheat bread.
4 slices deli chicken (or) turkey.
1/2 tomatoe.
1 glass milk.
1 piece fruit.

1 Protein shake.
1 handful of veggies.

1 Cup cottage cheese.
1 orange.
Couple Cellery stalks.

1 protein shake.
1 piece of fruit (or) handful of veggies.

Big mixed salad.
1 can tuna (or) 1 chicken breast.
1 tbsp light dressing.
1 glass milk.
1 piece of fruit (usually apple).

This is my usual day. I don’t usually count anything just try and make sure I have a good mix of protein with carbs, and just try to eat clean and often. I was thinking of trying the T-Dawg diet and well I am not sure of a couple of things:

How many carbs should I be eating before a workout? Because I usually eat alot as you can probably see.
also what kind of alternative can I take post workout. I usually drink a mixture of gatorade/creatine while I work out and drink the rest post workout before I drink a protein shake. should I be doing anymore with the post workout drinks?


How much do you weigh, and how tall are you, and how old are you.

You have tons of carbs, which isnt ideal for fat loss. T-Dawg is a good place to start.

The main thing is we need to figgure out how many calories you eat. once we get that number and you arnt loosing wee subtract 2 at a time.

Lean beef, chicken, turkey and fisha re all good sources of protien, dont be afraid of them.

Post workout i recommend Surge. I can not recommend it enough

I am 27, 205 lbs, and about 6ft.
I hear a lot about this Surge, I am wondering if I can get it in Canada.

Your diet, apart from way too little protein in your first meal, is fine. If you are losing weight, even if it’s slow, just chill out and enjoy the process. If you’re not losing weight, cut the rest period between your sets in gym to a strict 60 seconds and make sure you’re drench with sweat by the time you finish. (All this is assuming that 80% of your exercises comprise squats, deadlifts, bench press and pull/chin ups? This is the case, right?)