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Diet help

Ok guys please help. I know its ur diet stupid…and a detour to the manifesto are common and sometimes deserving answers but…i’m lost in confusion…i realized that matinence cals and fat loss diets we’re never gonna get me any bigger. So i’ve adopted the massive eating plan from JOHN B. now it seems like i’m putting on a good dela of fat in my midsection and not much more size anywhere else. the plan makes so much sense tho…i 'm only at 2750 cals a day so far(178 lbs)…but i see the weight gain and its like…uh oh…also i read the fuel for thought article…and its makin me re-think my carb intake although i’m gettin 180 grms on this plan…and i’m gettin 300 grams of protein…is this way too much? I’m just soo confused …most of my fats come from flax, egg yolks, or oatmeal…beef if i’m eating it that day…i just don’t know already…i’m so confused…also i’ll include these questions here…will takin a fat like falx w a shake of 60 grms pro hurt before bed…and does the time u consume these cals over a day hurt like …should i be wakin up at 6 to start eating…cuz on days i get to sleep in i kinda enjoy the extra nap…thanks so much, Mike

What is your training like? As far as your diet…cut the protein back to 225 grams/day. This nonsense of 2g/lb of body weight is just that…nonsense. Make sure you eat 1st thing in the AM, protein shake or whatever. Keep the carbs minimal after 6:00 PM. Do you do cardio? What is your BF% now? What are your goals?

One can only hope that John’s follow-up articles will be absolute BOMBSHELLS. I’ve tried many eating plans for weight gain, too many to name. His “maintenance calories” calculation was nothing new. I’m hoping for something revolutionary in the way of meal timing and meal combinations, because, as far as calories go I’ve already consistently eaten as prescribed in the previous article. And I didn’t combine high/moderate carbs with high/moderate fat in any of my meals, kept the carbs lower at night, etc - all the basic well known no-need-to-list-here diet rules. I was training with various protocols. In a nutshell I ate like this consistently for 2+ years (quality protein, carbs, and fat) - my muscle and fat increases were as expected. I hope the Massive Eating Plan is a breakthrough, but I’m not banking on it. I’ll wait for the articles and then decide.

Mike, if you're trying to put on muscle, a 26% carb intake - 180gm x 4 cal/gm =720/2750 (in my opinion) is rather low. If you knocked off carbs in possibly a meal or two, you'd be virtually ketogenic. I can't see why you couldn't boost carb intake to 40% minimum. I'll bet John gives you 50%+ or so for carbs when the article comes out. Even the 40/30/30 plans give you that much leeway. Good luck

I’m currently on the first program in John Mccallum’s “Complete keys to progress” its 3 days a week total body 15 sets per w/o. I had been training higher volume on nebraska forotball program last year, I then switched over to HIT training, (a little modified) Now i am trying this. I’m about 10 or 11 percent bf, this is only using the mirror since i’ve been tested many times before. I would like to hita lean 190 at 12 or 13 percent bodfat and diet down.I was hoping to do this phase for roughly 8 weeks since this would allow me to start leaning out in May,if it can be done quickeri would love it, i’m just sick of becoming stagnant in strength and not seeing any significant gains in size, also I take protein supplements and I will take MD6 when it is time to cut, but i have not taken a supplement beyond the protein in 6 months becuz i felt i was becoming dependent(plus a college student’s budget)…any good reccomendations. Thanks again…Mike