Diet Help

I am a 13 year old athlete who has 1 year + of weight training experience. I have a decent diet, but not great. I don’t eat candy or doughnuts or anything that you would expect a 13 year old to eat, and i drink mostly water and milk.I I don’t take any supplements other than a one a day multivitamin, the only other thing i have ever considered taking is whey protien but i cant afford it.Im not asking anyone to write me a complete diet (although that would be nice), I just need some help getting healthy balanced meals, proper timing of high and low glycemic carbs, and the proper amount and timing of protein and fats. Any advice?

Good job man. Most kids don’t have the discipline to take care of themselves like you are.

My advice to you is to eat clean i.e.,lean protein, fruits and vegetables, and complex carbs. I don’t know what your goals are. With a little more info we might be able to help you more. Right now at 13 you are going to start taking off. Look at JBs “7 Habits to a Highly Effective Nutritional Plan” that will be a start.

Let me first say welocme to you both.

I say both due to the fact that the info. I am giving here will work for 2 seperate threads.

Next let me give you congrats on figuring out that nutrition will/is a/the biggest factor toward any goal you have when it comes to your training.

Now all of us could just start spewing advice and diets at you but most of the time it is of greater benefit to you if you help us help you. So I have compiled a list here with links to some great articles that will cover many of the bases of nutrition we ALL follow here.

Read up on these, as well as anything eles by LL (Lonnie Lowery) and JB (John Berardi) and come on back with some more specific ?'s and an understanding that EVERY aspect of your nutrition and training will be individaul to YOU. In other words what works Great for me or another may down right BLOW for you.

Hope these help and come on back we’ll be waiting.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Nutritional Programs

Foods That Make You Look Good Nekid

The Carbohydrate Roundtable, Part 1&2

Fat Roundtable I&II

Massive Eating

T Dawg 2

Thank you for the articles. After reading those, here is the diet I came up with. Please critique it.

Breakfast A
2 eggs
1 slice peanut butter toast on wheat
1 medium apple
Bottle water

Breakfast B
Large Bowl of Oatmeal
Medium Orange
1 bottle of water

Snack 1
Banana ( or other fruit if i have no bananas)
Bottle of water

Snack 2
Mixed Nuts or carot sticks
Bottle Of water

Lunch A
2 Tuna Sandwiches on wheat
Bottle Of water

Lunch B
Turkey or chicken sandwich
Bottle Water

Pre workout
Bottle Water

Post workout
Tuna from earlier

Meat, veggie, pasta or noodles or something like that
Bottle of water

Bedtime Snack
Large apple, bottle of water

NOTE: I am not having two breakfasts, lunches,this way i can pick between the two so i don’t get bored with the same foods all the time.

My main goals are to become better overall athletically (jump higher, run faster,move quickly,etc.)My standing vertical jump is 28" and i run in the area of a 5.4 40 yd dash. I could do with some upper body mass, which i am working on.

Mego, not a problem and I urge you to keep reading and educating yourself on this topic and all others.

As far as your diet the food choices you have down are good ones for the most part, but you are very lacking in protien.

Both Breakfast need more, all snacks including the bedtime snack, preworkout meal, pretty much all of them.

That and your fat intake seems very limited.

You should be basing your meals on some type of QUALITY protein and building around that.

Keep up the work and keep us posted.