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Diet Help!!!!

My daily diet is CRAP. I really need a push to clean up my diet and maximize my training potential. I’m a college student and find it a pain in the ass to drag myself to the grocery store. I’m 5’9" 192lbs 13%bf. I’d like to weight in around 200lb in june before I try to cut up for the summer. I know this is a really broad question but like I said I just need something to push my ass to clean up my diet and enhance my training. Any advice I get is great, I basically just want a convenient, clean diet that will push my lifts through the roof and help me add some mass. I know there are plenty of articles on this in t-mag, I was just hoping to get some suggestions.

hey i am a college student as well and what i find is the easiest thing is to stock up on everything clean (i.e. meats, eggs and oats, rice, veggies, etc.) at a place like sams club then i freeze what i wont eat that week and go from there, you just got to decide what you wasnt more a good body or more free time ti sit around

You find it a pain in the ass to drag yourself to the grocery store? This is the worst excuse for a poor diet that I have heard on this site. You’re involved in the wrong pastime my friend. Give up lifting and take up playing those “Dungeons and Dragons-type” fantasy board games with all the little figurines that you see those nerds playing with. These guys live on pop and chips and take-out pizza. Sounds perfect for you. If you want to be involved in this game, then get your ass over to the grocery store and stay out of the middle ailes. All the good stuff is usually found around the perimeter, ie: produce and dairy and meat section. 90% of your time in the store should be spent in these areas. In fact, 90% of your time period, should be spent between sleeping, training, eating, and grocery shopping if you want to be successful.

Check out the Massive Eating Plan. The revised version is laid out in this weeksa and last weeks issues.

Also do a search for School days I & II. They are by JB’s Brother and are about training and eating in college.

Hope that helps.


I knew I was just being a lazy bastard. These posts will serve as nice reminders the next time I just want to sit around and wait to get fast food. Thanks for the advice and motivation…

“I knew I was just being a lazy bastard”

as they say, “those that cant’t, coach”

Try to get a meal plan. I have a nice cafeteria next door where I can get three big meals a day. They have all the staples of a bodybuilders diet. They close on weekends but it works out in that I workout M-F and rest/get drunk on weekends, so my calories can go down and I dont have to worry. My advice is stock up on frozen boneless skinless chicken breast, tuna, whole wheat bread, eggs, and steal fruit from the caf cause they never notice. George Foreman grills are the shit.