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Diet help

I am a fairly experienced weightlifter looking to get leaner. I stopped training for a while but I’ve been back at it full swing for about 3 months. I have added a great deal of muscle (muscle memory?) and lost some fat, however, I’m really looking to lean out now to show off the muscle more. I would estimate my bodyfat % at about 18. I am 6’2" and about 230 so I would estimate my lean body mass at about 190.

Mon: Shoulder/Forearms
Tue: Back/Biceps
Wed: Light day… abs, serratus, lower back, maybe some cardio.
Thu: Chest/Triceps
Fri: Legs

Weekends I do not lift but I usually play ice hockey on Saturday which is about 1.25 hours. I have started cardio, HIIT for 20 minutes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The weights change about every 6 weeks by moving different parts to different days just to switch things up thinking that the earlier in the week I hit something, the stronger I’ll be on that particular muscle group.

My diet is as follows:

Meal #1: Post workout shake. Approx 40g of protein (a quality whey), about 40g of carbs (mostly glucose), glutamine, 2/3 tbsp of Udo’s choice oil, and 1 tbsp of a vitamin/mineral/amino supplement (1 serving).

Meal #2: P+C, 5-6 oz of fish (either salmon, orange roughy, or tuna), 1 gardenburger patty (mostly for carbs, but also has some protein (8g, if I recall, with 25g of carbs)).

Meal #3: P+C same as above

Meal #4: P+F 5-6 oz of fish (a variety as above), 2/3 tbs of Udo’s Choice.

Meals #5 and #6 are the same as #4.

In some of the meals I’ll throw in a handful of broccoli or some other green veggie.

My diet is this way partially for convenience as my grocer has frozen fish cut in 5-6 oz portions in a plastic shrink wrap, and the gardenburger is a frozen hockey puck. I find I can throw about 18 meals together in about 20 minutes. Anyway, is this about what I should be doing? Should I change this in any way? I would like to maintain muscle and lose fat, with fatloss my primary goal for the next 6 weeks.

Thanks for any suggestions!

I wouldnt mix Fats(udo’s) and carbs in the same meal If your trying to get lean.


Bro, if you’re not consuming nutrients before/during training, then you need to start. If at all possible, I would recommend getting up so you could kick-off the day with a meal of protein and fat. If this is not feasible, consuming half of your now-post-training drink before/during your workout would also be of benefit.

As far as your post-training liquid meal goes, it’s best to get rid of added fats at this time due to the highly insulinogenic environment and potential lipogenic effects of such.

I would also suggest that you ditch the gardenburgers, my man. That’s some highly processed stuff there, despite what so-called health kids would like you to believe. Just take a look at the ingredients list.

Your second meal after training should be something like tuna or protein powder with oats and perhaps a piece of fruit.

The rest of the day, focus on meals of protein and fat. Salmon is a darn good choice for any of those meals.

You should be adding extra virgin olive oil or nuts to some of you P/F meals also. No need to go overkill on the polys (i.e. omega-3s and 6s) whilst completely ignoring the cardioprotective benefits of monos.

Also, eat fibrous veggies at each of your P/F meals. Bro, follow this and you’re golden in terms of nutrition!

1)drop the fat out of the Post WO shake
2)pick a lower fat protein source for you P+C (ie chicken tits instead of salmon)
3)keeping knocking back the salmon in you P+F meals and keep the fibrous vege intake up, so you dont starve to death

looks good

Sounds good. I have eliminated the Udo’s from the shake, and instead of the gardenburger, I’ll probably have about 1/2 cup of brown rice to my P+C meals.