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Diet help

I have been posting for a while and though that i might be able to get some help from the more “dietly educated” folks. Here is my problem:
I’m in decent shape (I say decent but far better than anyone i know)
and I want to get my body fat down and get more explosive. And I thinkmy diet is kicking me in the ass. I’m 6’3 220 and have 11% body fat and almost every day I eat the same thing Meal 1: 6 SB eggs 32oz of skim milk 1 cup oats. Meal 2 sliced turkey and 32 oz of milk 4 peices of bread and veggies. Meal 3 After training surge Meal 4 tuna and 32 oz milk, bread meals 5 1lb chicken more milk 32 oz meals 6 1 cup cottage chesse, befor bed.

Does any see some spots that need to be improved?
Also How many cheat meals do you guy have ? I ussually have 2 thur and sat.

Have you ever tried not drinking so much milk to see if that makes a difference? If you’re 11% and drinking as much as you are, then you obviously tolerate it well enough, but you might want to play around with it. Milk makes me fat as hell for some reason. Some people say that it’s just water retention, etc. but I will only have it seldomly as any large amount makes me look like Baby Huey for a few days.

Do you get any fats in your diet? It might sound counterproductive, but fats help you lose fat. Check out some of Berardi’s articles and the Fat Roundtable for more info on this.

i know that some people ebelieve that milk makes them fat, i think that it is mostly water retention. there is no published study that shows milk has some dramatic fat storing effect. the only thing i see with your diet is that the meal following your surge should not contain the milk. since it slows the digestion process. if you want a good diet use the search engine there is way to much info in there to go wrong.

Thanks guys…I have heard that the carbs in milk make a nasty insulin spike, but i just drink it because with out it I would be able to get all the calories that I need. I have used the efa’s befor but very spratically…maybe its time to get some udo’s.

Yeah, probably too much milk. Only half of the carbs in milk restore muscle glycogen, the other half is probably being stored as fat. Oils (flax, olive, fish) are a nice concentrated source of calories.

Suggested reading: Massive Eating 1&2

I’m a little late in this thread, but holy moley that is ALOT of milk…WHEW! IF you drink that much milk because you are concerned about meeting your caloric intake, than I would suggest buying some whey protein powder and drink it with water. I know the brand that I buy has about 90 calories, 20 g protein and 0 carbs per serving and I take about 4 per day (360 cals). Also, get some ground turkey and some fat free cheese. Just a few suggestions. Tony G