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Diet help

I am in a bad situatio, just a little too much fat, 6foot 180@12%, and just not enough muscle to not look skinny when i cut, so I am doing my own diet…3500-3800 cals in a 40-30-30 split on days that I work out, and 2500 cals, T-dawg stle, to deplet muscle glycogen, on days that I dont. I figure that some of the cals i eat on workout days will be used to build muscle, and on the off days, Ill be able to cut existing fat. Whaddya think? Any suggestions.


Pick a goal and do it. If I were you, I’d start bulking. It’s winter (I’m not really sure where you are)… just keep your diet clean and squat like a sonofabitch.

What’s up bro. I think that if you diet like that it’s not really going to do any good. you going from two extremes in such a short period of time there’s no way you’re body will respond to any of these. If I were you, I’d start with a bulking phase with the 3500 cal diet. Since you don’t have enough muscle to show when you get skinny. Then you can trim it down with the T-Dawg diet. Hope I was of some help.