Diet Help

Hey guys I would just like some insight on how my diet is and if it works well with my training. So I am doing the ws4sb3 program I am 2 weeks in now and I switch my excersizes up every 2 weeks, however I cannot do any legs right now because I have a serious ankle injury. Now I know it’s not a good idea to unbalance my body and that but I have very good legs and they are already a he’ll of a lot stronger and bigger than my upper so I’m not worried so is this a good list of food to put on some muscle,

I’m 6,2 currently 185 I want to keep the body fat down but my goal is 200-215 I’ve reached 207 before doing p90x but I didn’t diet right and I had subpar cardio I just ate what I could so here is my list I wanna know if it will get the job done thanks

2-4 eggs in the morning with a bowl of organic heritage high fiber cereal
1 tablet of Udo oils 3-6-9 blend (3 tablets encharge creatine in morning)

Protein drink unsweetend almond milk, 1.5 scoops promasil protein(30g)

Can of tuna(30g) protein
Snack on some cashews

2 chicken breast not together but 2 different times during the day 1 at dinner always

1 scoop greens-multi v with water(lol picky eater)
Another protein shake after workout same as before (3 tablets encharge creatine 30-60 minutes before workout)
Turkey wrap or bun, 2 slices turkey with a wrap or bun about 4 a day

Pasta randomly I’ll eat it every 4 days once a day.

I take 3 Udo oil tablets per day

I just eat alot of protein I guess I would imagine my calories are around 2500 a day maybe more some days

Now I started in order then I just wrote it all down lol this is NOT in order lol sorry but I just wanna know how this is, it’s what I am eating right now just started lemme know thanks