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Diet Help..

So after moving to NYC I quit bike racing…I moved from Texas where there is hardly a winter. Needless to say I went back to my old ways of lifting heavy and eating everything in site. So after riding a little bit last year…I’m going to go back to racing. Now what to do with all this mass.

When I’m lower in weight I’m competitive in the Cat. 3 races and was close to upgrading…but right now I’m 220lbs…at 5’7"…I’ll post pics when I get home. Here is my diet:

B-5-8 egg whites.1 serving oatmeal. Coffee. 1 fruit.
Snack-1 cup beans or 1 can tuna…1 handful walnuts
Lunch-8-10 oz. chicken with either 1serving veggies or yam/potatoe or 1 cup rice w/small veggie
Snack-Walnuts or 2tbs. Valencia Peanut butter
Dinner 6-8oz of fish w/Veggie…right now I do a dressing but will cut that out later.

Whaddya think? I’m only a few days in and fuck I have cravings. Also my bowels are cleaning themselves out. Weekends I have more beef, and will have liver too. Shooting for a gallon of water a day. Multi and Cal-Mag. No fat burners…actually I’ve been doing a little Yohimbine…hoping to get my system up and running and then throw a fat burner in when i get below 190lbs.

Now lifting is out since I’m already a big dude (just got done with a couple of months steady)…Again I’m going to throw up log but I just wanted to get some ideas from some folks…

[quote]hated wrote:

Now lifting is out since I’m already a big dude (just got done with a couple of months steady)…[/quote]


I will be interested to see a picture of a guy that is too big after lifting for a “couple of months steady”, therefore doesn’t want to lift weights anymore.

BTW, I’m being nice. Be prepared to get bent-over.

Dude…read the thread. I’ve been lifting for years. I’m an endurance guy…who has a history of lifting lots of weights. Been lifting since the summer, but I need to work on my endurance…sooo weights are out. It’s called “specificity”…Did you want to talk about my diet or your reading comprehension skills.pics are attached…I’m 5’7" and weigh 220.

I would keep lifting weights, even if it’s not your main focus. Aerobic work accelerates your metabolism while you’re doing it. But weight training elevates your metabolism for the entire day.

Your diet seems fine. If you have cravings, have a scoop or two of low carb protein in water. You’re not getting all that much protein, it’s filling, and it’s relatively harder to turn protein into fat. Also, I like fish oil, it seems to help with food anxiety/cravings. About 10 grams, possibly more.

I mainly wanted to suggest not stopping the weight training altogether. You could do intervals with weights for example, and lose fat that way, and still retain strength.

Unfortunately, you’re going to likely need to drastically cut back or completely eliminate weight training to lose size for cycling.

If possible, I also recommend off-season base mileage work in the morning on an empty stomach since it will help catabolize lean tissue.

Lastly, look into following a low-carb diet, especially during the offseason, as it will improve your ability to burn fat for fuel. It may also help aleviate hunger.

Save the higher-carb days for immediately prior to events where you want to make sure you maximize muscle glycogen.

To accomplish your goals you’re going to need to look at things differently than most people on this site, which makes sense since in many ways your objectives are the opposite of what most here want.

Now stop sandbagging and get out of the Cat.3s.