Diet Help

Hello, sorry for sending in one of those “I want the perfect diet and I want to lose all my fat and gain tons of muscle” letters, but…I want the perfect diet and I want to lose all my fat and gain tons of muscle…Just Kidding.

I’m 18, weigh 170, 5ft 4in - short and chubby, but built better than most football players at my school, yes, I’m a T-Teen. I have great muscle definition but I wanna get rid of the ol’ tire around the waist - I’m going to try this new diet that I kinda just threw together, and I wanted to know if you had any suggestions for me. Here it goes:

Mon-Fri (school)
Breakfast: MRP w/ fruit
Lunch: Tuna Sandwich w/fruit
Snack: Oatmeal w/peanut butter or scoop of MRP
Dinner: ??
Weight Training followed by MRP

The reason my dinner was ?? is because I have no idea what to eat for dinner. I’m a hispanic and my parents always make some sort of Mexican platter for dinner, and I know that all that fried and greased crap can’t be good for me…tasty…but not good.

Sat and Sun - ??
I have no Idea what my parents will shove down my throat on weekends, but I’ll try to stick with this plan w/ ur suggestions.

What could I have for dinner that wouldn’t bust my wallet? Are those “Healthy Choice” frozen dinners really the “Healthy Choice?” Please help Me out here, older brothers.

Half a dozen eggs, is like 60 cents and has about 36 grams of protein. There is also a decent amount of fat, but late in the day (or all day in some cases) is a good time at least for me to reduce carbs, helps me cut up. Add a salad and some homemade salsa, ground beef alone isnt too bad either…

Read this: Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

Half a Dozen eggs - just eggwhites, or whole eggs?

Ed is talking about whole eggs. Yes there is a bit of fat, but eggs are not a bad source of fat. Chris Shugart’s suggestion of reading the “Foods that make you look good Naked” is excellent. Also try adding fish and/or flax oil to your diet somewhere. Do a search at T-mag or on the forum, but most of us use one and/or the other almost all the time. Train hard and take advantage of having the high T-levels.

Heheh,jojoe,I got same dilemma u got about the “??” :slight_smile: It’s too bad when we’re young,we cannot get “perfect” diets eh?

Thanx Guys