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ok so im 20 years old, 6’1, 285lbs i go to the gym seven days a week i weight train with 30 minute cardio 6 of those days the seventh is just about an hour of alternating between stair stepper, bike, elipptical, i got the exercising down and i have alot of muscle my arms are 19’s and hardly any fat and my chest is rock solid but i want to get rid of my baby fat on my face,neck, and some on the gut. My diet is all over the place but i just wanted some suggestions im starting a new diet today that goes as follows.

breakfast- nature valley bar, isopure protein shake
lunch- chicken breast, can of green beans with salt, water
dinner- hamburger patty no bun, can of green beans with salt, water and gatorade h2

read the stickies

look around the site

there is a ton of information and it’s apparent you did not look at any of it!

TUmbles is right. Start here:

No offense, but I am going to be honest. If you are posting here in the beginner section at 6’1" 285, you have more fat to lose than on your neck, face, little on stomach. In all likelihood you are vastly overweight and do not have a rock solid chest. Your 19" arms are probably 16" arms + 3" fat. Please read the plethora of nutrition articles on this site, because with the diet you just outlined you are likely to fail. I don’t want to see that, I want to see you drop the fat and become a FFB.

If you really got your training down, then it is time to quit getting your ass kicked by the kitchen.

Beginning three days ago you need to start writing down everything that you put in your mouth; keep a running calorie total and keep track of your protein/carbs also if you are ambitios. The meals that you have written down aren’t that bad, but you need like 2-3 more of them. Swap out the canned veggies for some nice fresh ones, and stop the gatorade G2 shit, it is fucking diluted cool aid. You could drop the G2 and eat a whole nother chicken breast for the calories that you were going to eat.

Pick a calorie value that you are shooting for during the day. Try it for two weeks, if that doesn’t seem to be ripping the fat off, then get more aggressive. You need to eat good whole foods from quality sources and bust your ass.

Good luck, though you shouldn’t need it. You have come to the right place, now it is just time to do it.

Actually, Zag, I’m pretty sure this is a troll job. Dude doesn’t know anything about training, doesn’t really ask for help, has one post in the beginners forum and 7 posts in the steroid forum.

Steroids? On that diet?

Let me rephrase that. I HOPE this is a troll job. Because if someone were actually doing EQ on that diet…

You are probably right, I didn’t check their other posts. Any way my advice still stands, just isn’t specific to anyone anymore.

so when i posted this i wanted opinions that will help not critisism and not put downs thanks for the guy that gave me some good advise and no im not no fucking whale i can run the mile without stopping i can bench press 425 and my arms are not short i incline 355 with good form i know what im doing weight lifting wise im looking to help my diet because i want to make myself better thats all as for the whole troll thing idk wtf that means but about the steroids all they can do is help so thank ne ways