Diet Help while Cutting on Var

Hey y’all, I needed some advice about dieting while cuting on anavar. I’m running 300mg Test E pw with 50mg Var ED.

I was wondering if carb cycling would be more effective or is it better to cut down carbs to 5% to really deplete the body and just eat jasmine rice every other day. Any help would be appreciated!

Keto diet and jasmine rice are difficult to associate.

Caloric restriction is much easier to handle on a such a diet. But if you have a long term vision, it’s quite pointless to jump in and go back to traditional diet just for a cut.

If the cut is not necessary (no competitive matter) I would focus on making clean sustainable gains only.

I’m not trying to be a dick but this type of shit needs to be figured out before you start cycling. You need to know how to cut and bulk naturally so when you do start cycling you don’t run into problems like this. You need to know how carb cycling affects you how no carbs affects you etc before you jump on gear.

Its hard for anyone to answer this question because we don’t know how you respond to carb cycling only you do or should.

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