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Diet Help to Shed BF


Hi guys!

Okay im trying to diet now.and drop the body fat as low as i can! And would.really like.some input on like carb timeing and macro nutrient breakdown and on what carb sources to use!?note im natuaral! No drugs :silly:

Height 184cm
Weight 85.6 kg
Bodyfat (i havent had this measured) but im.between 15-20 based on the picture scale i saw i the other thread

Diet:this is worked out with fat secret and the total.here is already my base minu 500 calories
2950 calories

Meal 1
150 g rolled oats
60g oh mega peanut butter smooth

Meal 2
45 g lite mayo
1 tin tuna

Meal 3
300g hake
500g spinach
250 grams brocoli and cauliflower mix
150g pumpkin

meal 4 pre gym meal
300g chicken breast
250gr brocoli and cauli
250g sweet potato

Meal 5

100 g kudu biltong

250 gram egg white
100g avocado

protein: 296.4g

Just would like.some pointers and such feels.like.im. not makeing progrezs

i do cardio after workouts 15 MIN HITT on the stepper(but didnt train much this week.as i am sick with the flu bit.of a runny nose!)

Train 5 days in order:

Legs and abs
back and abs
arms and abs

Do calves everyday

Train about 1 hour 15 min and legs is obviously a bit longer


You don’t need to do cardio every day. not sure if you are, your post was kinda vague here.

3000 calories might be pretty high for a roughly 190 pound person to start with for a diet. So If you’re not losing weight, drop the calories by about 300-400 or so and reassess in 2 weeks. I don’t know how you came up with 2950 as a starting point for a diet but that doesn’t matter really. Personally, I’d drop the fats a bit to get there for now.

Eat whatever food you want that gets you to your target macros and calories for the day.