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Diet Help to Lose Fat


i have made a diet if any i am doing wrong here and i am tring to loose fat + lower my weight

meal one - bowl of corn flakes cereal and a 2% milk with a fruit (usually an apple)
meal two - fist size of almonds
meal three - vegetarian sandwich with a side of salad
meal four - protein shake with 1MR
meal five - fruits
meal six 2 hours before bedtime - broccoli, kidney beans and some indian bread

here is my plan but as u can c i dont have any meat nor eggs since it is against my religion. so plz pm or tell me changes i am a vegan


uh oh...


Can you have fish?


no sea food make me throw up cant stand it


just out of curiosity if you are vegan how come you are consuming milk?
you will have to stock up on alternative protein sources, hemp, rice, pea proteins,
beans and tempeh
personally i don't have much experience with that lifestyle but as far as that goes i'd assume it's very hard to be a bodybuilder and vegan.


Wait, you want to lose fat AND lose weight?

And you plan on doing it with a diet?

... You lost me.


also i work out i do carido for an hour on treadmill and stair climber also i do weight lifting three times a week




so i guess there is no help i just need a proper diet tht i can follow can some one help me with high protein diet


beef.. it's whats for dinner


no beef ne other substitute of beef


Can you eat eggs, milk, cottage cheese?


Nevermind just saw in your first post you can't have eggs. I guess you're screwed.


I've got some strict vegetarian friends of Indian origin and they all eat eggs

And yeah, I agree the OP is screwed without them


Exactly. Its like you're asking "how can I travel across the world without a car, train, airplane, boat or even bike".

Well I'll tell ya, its not gonna be very easy.


You could try eating a ton of soy. But you might grow a vagina.


i would pray to whatever god only allows you to eat 3 things and ask them to make you buff.


If you got fat on a diet like the one you posted up there than you have the absolute worst genetics possible. It is impossible to improve your condition without drastically overhauling your lifestyle.

My suggestion is to buy 50lbs of protein powder and learn to live on 8-10 scoops of it per day.

But really. How do you justify eating protein powder and drinking milk as a vegan? I think you should get your head out of your ass if you REALLY want to change.


guys i am really sry i dint knw the difference between vegan and a vegetarian so i can eat eggs if it is in something but if it is just an egg i throw up so now it is clear tht i knw the difference btw vegan and vegetarian now if i can get help


So fish and eggs make you throw up.

How bout you man the fuck up and eat food like an adult.

Who the hell actually throws up from eating food. Learn to like it or deal with your shitty body. Your lifestyle choice doesnt leave you many options.