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Diet Help Please


My schedule is set so my best work-out time is around 2:30PM. Here is how my template currently looks:

The time is when im usually done eating
Breakfast (7:30): Protein + ???
Snack (9:20): Protein + Carbs
Snack (11:20): Small portion of Protein + Fat
Lunch (12:30): Protein + ???
Pre-Workout (2:15): 5g BCAA 30 mins before workout
3g Creatine 15 mins before workout
During Workout (2:30 - 3:45): 1 Scoop of Surge Recovery
Post Workout (3:45) 1 Scoop of Surge Recovery 10 mins after workout
1 Scoop of Grow! Whey 20 mins after workout
Post Workout Meal (5:30): Protein + Carbs
Snack (6:30): Protein + Fats
Dinner (8:30): Protein + Fats
Snack (10:30): Protein + Fats

Is that the right type of template I should follow in terms of splitting P + C and P + F to be as anabolic as possible? I read some articles suggesting that too much P + C can have an adverse effect when it comes down to the workout so I don't want to consume too many of those meals to ruin insulin levels. Thank you for the help and I'm sorry if it's confusing.


where you have the question marks eat carbs, especially if your trying to get bigger. Its important to eat carbs in the beginning of the day. Looks good though.


If you're on the skinnier side. I'd still keep eating carbs will up to 7 or longer (depending on how you look in the mirror muscles looking well "filled"). Then have your last meal protein+fats+veggies what not. Yet If you're a pudgy one or are real sensitive keep diet as you got it.

First meal have carbs. Oatmeal + fruit ftw :D, or if budget isn't an issue. Ezekiel bread hands down is some of the best. Raisin one is awesome to:D (cant get kind of expensive though especially if you're eating big)

Ummm for lunch I usually have complex carbs + protein. Sweet potato, oatmeal or something similar. Then a little later some waxy maize or maltodextrin pre-wo I like to get my bloat on:D


Thanks guys.

I'm around 5'9 1/2 and 151+ pounds. I'm the skinny type so carbs will most likely do me good! I'm guessing that carbs and protein will work best.


Dont really know much about you as far as age and goals go but im assuming your younger than 30 and you want to get BIG!! If so i think i will be able to give you a bit of advice. It helps to eat this at the three meals during the middle of the day.

It also helps to have a magic bullet or a really good blender. 2 cups milk (i like whole) 1cup of oats 2Tbsp of natty peanut butter 2scoops of pro. and if you want you can throw in a bannana. All in all its over 60 grams of pro. near 100+ grams of carbs 20 grams of good fats..

Very good shake and wont put "fat" weight on you.. Hope this helps its done wonders for as aar as getting extra calories in my diet(i weigh over 300)


300!? Damn you're a beast.. Yeah, I just turned 20 and I'm trying to gain as much mass as possible until Spring when I will most likely cut.. I gotta try that shake out, simple but hows it taste? Do you add any water at all or is 2 cups of milk enough?


2 cups of milk should be enough. Make it whole milk $$$. Hmm reminds me I have a gallon sitting in my fridge right now:D. I'm going to whip up something. Probably do 2 cups of oats, two tablespoons of "light" tasting olive oil, 3 scoops protein powder (72 grams protein, + 14 from oats+16 from two cups milk=102 grams protein $$) (carbs 54 from oats, 24 from milk=78)


is it a good breakfast to go kinda shake? I want it to at least taste bareable to start off the day.. I've been doing some milk/yogurt/fruits shakes and they've been pretty damn good!