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Diet Help Needed


I need someone to recommend what to eat daily. I am very serious when it comes to sports and am ready to take my body to the next level. I am 19, 5,7 and 147 pounds. My goals are to get alot bigger and to be very very toned i want to be stong but i also want it to look really good.

I have no-explode, whey protein and anavol and some gnc creatine.i am open to all suggetions on supplements and diet plans.

Thanks in Advance
ps... LEts get it on


Most of the info you need to get started is in the thread pinned at the top of this section of the board. In that post is a link to Vrooms beginners thread which goes into further detail. Happy reading!


Give the supplements to someone who will benefit from them and follow Cy's Skinny Bastard Diet from this site.


The first thing you want to do is pack on some size. You can always clean it up later. Read Massive Eating by JB. This should help you with your diet. Then find a program that centers around big compound lifts(bench, squat, deads, rows, dips, and chins).

Here are the links to Massive Eating Part I & II:


The Waterbury Method is a workout I really enjoy. It's good place to start, IMHO.

Here's a link to The Waterbury Method:

Hope this helped.


What should you eat?


For naturally skinny guys like you (I'm in the same boat), it's going to be a lot harder to gain muscle than it will be to strip away a couple pounds of fat if you lose that 6-pack.


Thanks to all