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Diet Help Needed!!

Hi all, a little bit about myself… im 5’11 and 210 lbs at about 14% bodyfat. My goal this summer is to get some abdominal definition. This has been my goal since the new year because I have always been big but was never able to achieve abs.

Ive been cutting my caloric/carb intake for about 2 months now … ive been basically starving myself and seen little to no results. Please keep in mind I eat like a tank, all clean foods but i can easily put away 5000+ calories when in a bulking phase.

Anyways some tips or strategies on diet would be much apreciated. I strictly monitor my food and eat the same thing every day because I want to break into the fitness world in about 2 more years ( still need a little more weight to put on).

My diet…

10:30am-- scoop of whey protein, 5 egg whites,1 yolk, 1/2 cup oats…

1pm - 12 oz tilapia/ cup broccoli

1:15pm- pre workout- 2 scoops N.o. Xplode (12g carbs)


3:45pm- post workout- protein shake- 48g protein/40g carbs

4:45 pm-12oz 93% lean turkey burgers/ cup broccoli

7:00pm- 12 oz tilapia/ 1 raw egg

9:00pm- 12 oz tilapia

11pm- 10egg whites, 1 yolk

I try to get 1.7- 2 grams of protein per bodyweight , with 100 carbs on training days vs. 10 carbs on cardio days. Not sure how this looks but for me this is nothing as far as food goes. My other question is is 2 months too short to tell if this diet is working or do i need more time? Thanks everyone who responds


Whats your training like?

What are your cardio days like?

Also, you might want to up your carbs POST workout… try to get around 80-100. It might sound like a lot but depending on your training its probably necessary.

What are your calories at now^?

Macros - including fat?

train like a bodybuilder with a four day split chest/bis, back/bis, cardio for an hr, shoulder/traps, legs then repeat. My trainings high intense, 14 sets per large muscle group, 18 sets to failure for legs, 9-12 for smaller muscle groups with abs every day.

Also ive heard from other peeps on the board that i should increase to 100 gs of carbs post workout. Ill definitly keep that into consideration for the future.

Macros are at 60p/30c/10fat. My sources for each come from…

Protein: Ground turkey/fish

Carbs: Oats, Sweet potatoes, Liquid Carbs post workout for easy digestion.

Fats: Egg yolks, natural fats in both fish and turkey meat, occasional almonds

your approach looks pretty good. You seem to have a good grasp on diet and nutrition.

How many calories a day are you currently eating?

I would say to keep your lifting consistent (hard and heavy) and slowly decrease cals/increase cardio. The slow approach will help you preserve more of that precious muscle that you’ve worked so hard to build.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen Waylanders competition thread in the BB section but his coach has had him finish off each lifting session (5 days a week I believe) with 20 minutes on the stairmaster. After a week or so he’s bumped it up to 25 minutes, so on and so forth.

I’ve recently started doing that same thing and I’m enjoying it so far… could be an option for you.

Good luck with your training and your goals. I’m sure you’ll get there… and if all else fails you can just get some abs air brushed on :slight_smile:

alrite i might try that then! thought cardio after would be counterproductive but if its not ill definitly give it a shot. I’m guessing also between cardio and the end of your workout to get a post workout shake in and then once your done go home and eat your post workout meal?

And my usual diet would consist of 3000-3200 cals but since this is a diet built towards cutting it has about 2400-2700.