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Diet help, if you please!

Ok, I am going to begin using the T-dawg diet V 2.0. I’m currently 230 lbs(6’4") at 12% bf. According to the multiplier Joel and Tampa-Terry use, that would place my maintenance at 3000. Subtracting the 500 to ideally put me in a deficit is 2,500.

I figured my ratio’s on Training days to be 345g of protein, 100g of carbs, and 80g of fat.

On non-Training days my ratio’s will be 345g of protein, 70g of carbs, and 93g of fat.

My food choices are usually steak and chicken for protein. Oatmeal and sweet potatoe’s for carbs. And Udo’s Choice and fish oil capsules for my fats. Post-workout I will be using Surge.

I’ve been keeping a log for the last two weeks and i’ve averaged 3000 calories per day during that span. So I’m confident as to my maintenance levels.

Now I will be using refeed’s as per Joel’s guidelines on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s.

Once I get going I will post my food combo’s. But I wanted to post this right now to make sure that this sounded pretty good so far.

Looks like a pretty solid plan to me.

If you can take it (ample energy), I would limit the refeeds to one 16-hour session a week. Depends on one’s metabolism though. Joel is the man to confont this issue.

Looking forward to hearing about your experience. Looks like you have a good plan in front of you.

Eat well, train smart!


I want to thank those that have responded so far.

If anyone sees something that I need to be flamed about, go ahead and do it. I’m still learning so I’m trying to soak in as much as I can. So if you have something to add that will aid in my progress throw it in.


Here are the refeed numbers that I came up with. I plan on doing two refeeds. My maintenance is 3000 cals, so the ratios I can up with for one of the 8 hour periods is 118g of protein, 305g of carbs, and 20g of fat.

I also plan on starting with two HIIT sessions and two medium cardio sessions per week to start. And then work to doing three HIIT sessions and one medium cardio session.

First time doing this kind of diet and also the calculations according to Joel’s refeed guidelines, so those of you with experience feel free to let me know if i F’ed this up.

just curious, whats your vegetable intake like?


Well since this is new for me I’m still playing with it.

With my P+F meals, I’ll do one of two things. One, saldad with Udo’s Choice as the dressing(with a splash of Italian for flavor). Or secondly, with my Protein shake w/ Udo’s Choice I’ll include a cup a green beans which will keep my carb intake under 10g which is in line with JMB’s meal combos.

Once I get a week under my belt I will be posting my typical day so I can see if I will get flamed or not.
And if you see something in what I posted thus far that doesn’t look right, let me know. I’m trying to be a sponge at this point and utilize what advice people have for me.

just to ask another queston along the lines of refeed. I read to keep your protien under 20 grams per meal. I think that im going to do the one by tampa-terry and just up on two meals. Do i up the protein in my other meals to make up the 60 gram lose in pro?


fullcount22, you’re not going to get flamed for asking a question. That’s what we’re here for. There are lots of highly knowledgable people here on the board who are more than willing to share what they know. What YOU have going for you is that it’s obvious you’ve done your homework and are just asking for advice on the details and nuances of implementation.

Matthew, in answer to your question, all meals except for the refeed meals should be normal. Don’t worry about making up for the protein you didn’t get during the refeed.

And about the 20g of protein per meal, there’s no hard number re how much protein the body can utilize in one meal. It’s highly individual and depends on a number of factors like the amount of LBM you have and how much protein synthesis and repair is going on because of your last workout(s).