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Diet Help for My Buddyyy


So i feel pretty awkward being on a dude site for this kinda stuff, but my buddies trying to get me to help him lose weight, preferably body fat. He's a pretty solid guy, but he?s an endomorph.

He already does a lot of cardio and I'm just getting him over to free weights instead of those stupid cable machines in the gym. My question is, how should he go about losing fat? Should he be cutting his carbs out, lowering his caloric intake lol I have nooo idea how to help a dude with this stuff :stuck_out_tongue:



Start there.


no better advice than that. It will take him a while to master those 7, so no need to over complicate things until he's mastered it.




Thanks guys :slight_smile:


no problem. Most female posters, will post semi-nude pics.... oh wait, this isn't the SAMA forum, damn!


lol u wants some nudes of my buddy? ill arrange that if it gets u off ha jk