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Diet Help for Lean Mass


I have been needing some help with my diet I do not think it is where it needs to be. I am 6’3 225lbs. My goal is to overall gain more muscle mass without adding fat. I know i need to be eating more vegetables. I was wondering what i can add and change to fix this diet.

2 scoops of protein in a large glass of milk

Chicken breast and quinoa
plantain chips

quest bar

Protein(steak, chicken) sweet potato, salad or vegatable

Quest bar or protein shake
unsweetened dried mangos

supplements: Animal Pak, Flameout, Creatine, Extend or Modern BCAA

was also thinking of adding Greens+ to this. Whats your thoughts?

I know my diet is not at the right place. Any help would be great and appreciated! Let me know what i can fix. I have never posted here before but often come here for information

You know you need more vegetables. You need specifics? Diet is a very individual thing, so I can’t give great advice other than how it’s received. Looks like you need to add some psyllium or ground flax. Cabbage, broccoli, arugala, garlic, onions, butternut squash, asparagus, cauliflower. Some people dig carrots (no pun intended).

Just go to the produce aisle and grab some shit. You might too find that rutabaga is actually pretty good. Makes a decent version of hashbrowns. Turnips aren’t bad as well. Mushrooms and onions make anything better IMO. Berries are good for you. Apples too. There’s nothing inherently bad in what you’ve listed, besides salad. Salads are for dieting chicks that don’t know anything about nutrition.

Cooked vegetables are where it’s at - so you lose a few minerals. Big deal - eat more of them. Who eats vegetables and worries about not getting enough vitamins? I mean, seriously.

I forgot to mention nuts. Also, lemons and 100% cranberry juice - both two of the top anti-cancer fruits, and you don’t need big doses. I challenge anyone to try and drink more than 4 oz of pure cranberry juice. I suggest cutting it with water 2:1 with some erythritol or stevia.

Adding any or all of that would be an improvement without.

Thanks! Im going to add so vegetables throughout the day.

what do you think if i add oatmeal in the morning?

Any other suggestions? Food? supplements?

Oatmeal is great - it actually has a lot of fibre and a decent amount of protein and really helps fill you up. I eat steel-cut oats (the best kind, and the most filling) and I’ll sprinkle some unsweetened cocoa powder and stevia on top. Sometimes I’ll cut up fruit and eat it with that. And some hard-boiled eggs. Yeah, vegetables are where it’s at. I wouldn’t recommend eating two quest bars a day–replace these with veggies or another source of dietary protein! Just be consistent and be patient. Watch the scale, but not too closely. :slight_smile:

[quote]Mec899 wrote:
Thanks! Im going to add so vegetables throughout the day.

what do you think if i add oatmeal in the morning?

Any other suggestions? Food? supplements?[/quote]
Ditto what beedledub said - oatmeal is great (unless you have celiac disease or have bad reaction to it). Overall your food choices really do look pretty good, beside the veggie thing.

I hadn’t looked up those quest bars til just now. You are getting nuts by eating those. They actually look pretty good in a pinch. I wouldn’t make them a large part of the diet personally (aside from the milk protein issues I have). A) they’re expensive as shit. B) I rarely recommend anything in a package as I feel it’s usually better to eat real whole foods, especially if you are not trying to mega bulk.

Another overall point is that you can actually get good results (gaining and losing weight) by eating less frequently. TC and many others (on this site - and all over the internet for that matter) have discussed this lately (intermittent fasting aka IF). The idea is that by eating less frequently you spike insulin less often which has profound implications for long term health, and also has proven effective for physique athletes/enthusiasts.

I would suggest adding ZMA as a supplement. Most ppl benefit from it. The stuff in Anaconda - Highly branched cyclic dextrin, betaine, citrulline malate, hydrolized proteins (di- and tri-peptides) - are all great supplements a well. Without knowing more that’s the best advice I can give. Do you have gut issues? Good digestive enzyme and probiotics are a good addition for most people. GLA is good (Biotest makes a FFA product with it in it). Many other tweaks but that’s getting very nitty gritty.

Thanks for the tips I really am thankful.

Started eating oatmeal and more veggies today.

I will cut down on the quest bars too. Thy are expensive but they taste damn good.

Other informs might need is I am 28 years old.

Workout wise I use a lot of kettle bells more for circuit training 3 times a week.
And strength train 2 to 3 days a week as well. some weeks it flips due to my schedule.

I understand people really like Plazma as well for supplements but it says it is for top athletes and all some do not know if I am training enough to take it. Also seems people like Alpha Male as well

I used to take ZMA I should start again.

Macros, Macros, Macros ! Learn what they are, how to count them and how much of them you need to make the scale go slowly up … otherwise, you’re basically just flying blind…

So I have been learning about macros. I understand it but I do not know what my splits should be. Is there any suggestion on how I should set that up?

[quote]Mec899 wrote:
So I have been learning about macros. I understand it but I do not know what my splits should be. Is there any suggestion on how I should set that up?[/quote]

well, work out what your current typical daily macro intake looks like and adjust according to your goal.

There’s plenty of articles out there that’ll give you a basic outline of what range your carb / protein / fat percentages should be … try it out and see what the mirror / scale tells you … tweak things from there

ok so this is the breakdown i am going with…

225lbs 6’3

total calories is 3192
protein intake will be 225 (1gram for every pound)
fat 78.8
carbs 395.8 grams

what do you think?
What are some good sources of getting good carbs?