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Diet Help for a Newb


Hello all, I have been surfing the site for a while looking at workout routines and diet help and I have to say its a great site as well as inspiration to be lean. I would ask for any help I can get or criticism i dont care, I was at 380lbs last May and was starting to have health problems, I smoked 2 packs a day and could not breath, sleep, play with my kids, or be happy in general.

I decided to take action and fix it, I stopped smoking(1 year smoke free! not even a hit)but pegged the scales at 405 but I was determined and started doing the low carb lifesyle. Six months into it I was depressed, upset, and burned out i guess, I decided that I needed help, and called a friend. We have been hitting the gym hard for the last 6 months, started doing cardio 30-40 minutes a day 5-6 days a week since November and started lifting in January.

All of our workouts are with free weights and he knows hit shit, he is 275 6'9" and use to work out with the Voneric's and a lot of pro wrestlers back in the day. I am getting bigger but i am worried that the Low carb diet is killing the hard work in the gym, I am seeing gains and definition but I want more!

I am 6'0" and down to 275 lbs, 38-40 in waist and I have a big frame, graduated HS at 235 and was in great shape and strong as hell from football. Should I keep low carbing or start something more stable? I have been "cheating" every couple weeks but the FATASS in me eats till I WANNA PUKE knowing that I cant have it "tomorrow".

I wanted Lap Band and was approved for it but I think that is cheating, I want to do this on my own, not from forcing me not to eat cause you have change your thinking and eating, but should I get back into a low calorie low fat diet and have carbs or stay low carb? I take a multi vitamin, fish oil, ECA stack, Effexor, and whey protein before and after lifting. Thanks for reading and any help you can offer.


Maybe I missed it in your post, but what are you trying to accomplish? Be lean, strong, or just in shape? Low carb is extremely effective at getting you lean very quickly. Energy levels do tend suffer however, so your workouts might take a hit.

If you're looking to get really lean then low-carb is probably the quickest way to get to your goal, but your strength will likely suffer. If you just want to be healthier and maintain your strength then a more balanced approach is what I would do. Eat your fair share of carbs in the form of fruits, veggies, oats, 100% WW bread, etc. and be intelligent about when you eat them during the day (earlier & peri-workout).

Great job so far! You've dropped a shitload and should be commended for that. I think a balanced approach will allow you to continue your quest for better health while at the same time increasing your strength in the gym.



well dont with the fat loss so far man!
my advice would be keep doing what your doing exercise wise but diet give carb cycling a try heres a link to a beginners guide to carb cyclin.


you said you take a ECA stack, with your history of smoking and being overweight i dont think that would be a good idea for your heart.IMO

keep up the good work


Thank both of you! I am sorry I meant to say I am looking to get in shape and as lean as I can and then start working on building up muscle. Low carb has been great and I believe I need to hang in there and suck it up, I know that the ECA stack is no good but it is the only thing that curves the hunger and gets the fatloss going. I have my last bottle and will then try something different or nothing at all, thanks for the link there was a ton of great info there.