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Diet Help, Enough Food?


2 Years serious training
~13% Bodyfat
Complete diet noob.

My macros work out to be around 225/254/41 (carb/pro/fat. respectively) spread out over the day in three meals and two protein shakes (one post workout, another before bed).

Protein sources are eggs, chicken and beef.

Does this sound like enough food for someone of my weight, or would more be needed to increase my size?

Cheers in advance for any advice.


Your example is a total of 2285 kcal, which is not enough to gain mass at 215 lbs of bodyweight. It surprises me that you are not losing weight at the moment.

i would increase to at least ~3000 kcal and see what happens, maybe even 3500 (depends on how much you train and your general lifestyle)


Thanks for the reply.

How do you go about calculating the total calories? Are all of the macro values multiplied and then added or is only carbs+fat taken into account?

From there I can work out what macros I need to hit in order to reach 3000+kcal.

I can post a pic of where I’m at if it helps at all.


all of the macros

Protein can and will be used for energy in case of a caloric deficiency


[quote]Samuelsson wrote:

How do you go about calculating the total calories?[/quote]

Protein = 4 cal. per gram
Carbohydrate = 4 cal. per gram
Fat = 9 cal. per gram

The rule of thumb is…
15 cal. per lb of bodyweight to maintain
never below 10 cal. per lb while on a deficit

I would suggest you add in calories a little at a time. Try a 500 cal./day increase for two or three weeks and re-evaluate, from there another 500 if needed, and repeat.


Up the amount of fats from clean sources like cashews, olive oil, original greek yogurt etc.