Diet Help! Cutting

Hey folks Jay here. I have always been into fitness but never had a 6pack. I tried dieting last new years lost 30lbs but felt really fuckked up. Went from 233to 203/205 but still couldnt see a 6 pack.

I am 24 And 6’3. I felt spaced out tunnel vision, brain foggy. I the macros I had were around 20 pro 60carb 20 fat at 3000 cals. I tapered to to 2800 4 weeks in and then another 4 weeks I went to 2600. I was walking 10km a day from work and doing insanity when I could…

Anyways felt fucked eventually quit and decided to bulk through summer lol.

Same macros but doubled was having about 5000 a day.
I weighed 265 nov30th.(gained about 60lbs in 6 months)

Then started cutting.
Dropped my macros to 3000 (i know huge cut)
With a ratio of 40/40/ 20fat
Went to 252-254

Now at the end of jan I switched my macros to 40pro, 25carb, 35fat.
I am now at 247.
So almost 20lbs lol in a month n half.
I am to spaced out to workout so I go to the gym maybe 2-3 times a week.
My activities is sleep 9 hours, work 8hours(just sitting at office), gym 1 hour, 6 hours of gaming/youtube
So not very active and no cardio. Just weightlifting.

Need advice!? These are my current thoughts/questions:
-should I raise my cals? If so how much?
-should I change my macros? If so to what?
-is this normal should I just let my body adjust?

Everytime I diet I always feel messed. Never had abs need help!

Add some intra workout supps/ nutrition ideally mag10 or plazma but an amino drink is fine if on a budget. That should help with feeling spaced out.

my advice is dont use any new supps for now and drop 1 hour of gaming and go take a walk, start easy and start using supps later. if you go making light changes you wont fell like shit

I am not taking any sups currently. Except protein powder. Which I forgett sometimes is a sup.
Yea, I dunno I start to feel spaced out, brain fog and cranky and just rude for no reason and it gets worse till my neext meal. Then I feel fine. Not sure if a walk will do the trick or you saying walk instead of gym to ease into the diet?

no i say walk instead of youtube. you daily sit/sleep 23 hours, and that level of activity wont alow you to: 1. feel good, 2. look good…what works for me i eat 5 meals a day, every meal has approx. 50 g protein; 2 meals are just protein shake with water and bcaa’s, eggs for breakfast, meat and veggies ( pork and veggies or chicken/turkey with rice and veggies) for lunch amd cottage cheesse for dinner. lunch is always after gym. try going to gym 5-6 times a week , and walk in the evening for 1 hour.

it will be hard at first but after some time you will feel good with these activity lvl, and then just add 1 or 2 days a week for 25-30 minutes of hiit training

Maybe I dont explain good,
Diet is:
600g chicken
100g almond
300g banana
3 apples
6 whole eggs
4 egg whites
5 scoops of protein.


I am looking at what should be adjusted or changed to promote fat loss. Like how many calories and macro ratios I need.
Also some insight on how to deal with sides like tunnnel vision, brain fog, dizzyness, tiredness, grumpyness. How servere should it be till I know I need adjustments. As I alwas feel fucked when I am dieting so can’t tell if I am doing it right as I always lose weight, but feel awful the whole time.

You feel shitty because you’re cutting 2000 calories at once. No change in macros is going to change that. What are your maintenance calories? As in, how many calories do you need to eat to just stay the same weight week after week? Find that, eat at that level for a couple weeks while making whatever changes to your training that you’re going to make, then drop maybe 200 calories and see what happens. Repeatedly gaining/ losing 10-15 lbs a month is insane and unhealthy, and it is why you feel like garbage.

Maintenance from what I found is 3600 so wanted to be under that to lose weight so I am at 3000. Also incase I over estimated my activity level.

Less calories is not necessarily better. That is, almost without any doubt, why you feel shitty and give up before getting as lean as you want. You’re losing muscle and putting your metabolism in a tough spot, not to mention making yourself miserable for no reason. I’d try eating 3600 for a couple weeks and seeing what happens. If your weight stays steady, drop 200 calories and repeat.

Yeah makes sense obviously everyone wants to get lean as fast as they can. I guess it is just my ego making me make some wrongg choices. I read one of tnation article saying bodybuilders need 1-3g of carbs per bodyweight so might use that theory. I weigh 247 and only having 191 carbs so might bump an extra 60 in for good measure…

[quote]JayOsler wrote:
600g chicken
100g almond
300g banana
3 apples
6 whole eggs
4 egg whites
5 scoops of protein.


Are all your carbs coming from fruit and protein shakes? I’d seek some other sources.

Any vegetables in this?

Yup so pretty much 6 fruits a day, the protein has 5g of carbs a scoop I try and space out the fruit through the day.
No vegetables currently.
If you got some recommendations let me know! Taste doesn’t matter to me trying to keep it easy/fast to make, and then affordable too!

Yea so 6 fruits a day and the scoops have about 5 g of carbs in each,
No vegetables currently.
Any recommendations, taste doesnt matter to me just needs to be cheap and fast to make.

thats what i meant start easy dont do all at once fixes. start with light dropping of cals, and light cardio 2-3 a week after weightlifting. i would drop fruits and replace them with veggies, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes…also try eating your carbs only around workout (that works for me), another thing what i learned is not to mix fats and higher amounts of carbs, so i eat brown rice (for me best source of carbs) and chicken/turkey and veggies, and other option is red meat and veggies ( no potatoes or rice). also try carb cycling, as u need more carbs during heavier trainings like legs, and much less during arm training.

Yeah definitely going to drop bananas, in favour of grapefruit then move to veggies probably cauliflower/red peppers. See how I feel, adjust to having lower Glycemic index foods but also veggies have less sugar. My glucose is at 5 (3.6-6) . Just know changing the type carbs has its effects, went from apples and Brown rice to kidneybeans and chick peas and lentils felt awful.

The biggest pain is reworking macros figuring out portions everytime you make an adjustment, It is easier to just make all the changes at once but harder on the body.