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Diet Help: 'Bulimic' to Binging


Hey CT!
I was reading your topic on carbs and i couldnt help but notice the part where you said that you are the kind of person who tends to either be "bulimic" or go on full out binges!! ... I was wondering what you do to deal with this because i personally have this same problem and it has been leading down a path of yo yo dieting where my weight zigzags +/- 10 lbs which gets extremely hard to deal with mentally.

I was also wondering if you were doing any seminars or public speaking in montreal ?


Not CT, but maybe thought I could help you out since I have same exact problem. I even posted in his livespill asking about this and his answer was kind of what I knew all along. Nothing you can do. If I diet for a cut I'm good. Strict and disciplined. If I stray forget it, it's an all out binge.
What I do is stick to CKD type diets and binge on weekends or more recently doing IFing and binging at night. Right now it's worse than it's ever been after killing myself with last cut.
All you can really do is discipline yourself or try to make stuff that tastes good but is low calorie. Look at Chris Shugarts HSM forum, lots of good stuff. But I even wind up binging on that, but at least it's only 1500 calories as opposed to 3500.
I was suprised that I even have this tendency cause I'm a naturally small boned, narrow skinny/fat type of guy. I assumed this is something a big dude would have a problem with.