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Diet Help: Best Protien Shakes?


im new and was wondering what the difference was between all these brands like Metabolic Drive (reg & complex), muscle milk, ect.

im 20 5'10 200lbs trying to cut some weight. would it be okay if i replaced a couple meals with just the shake??


I'm a big Metabolic Drive Complete fan, but you may want to go with the low-carb version if your focus is leaning up.

Then again, that depends on the rest of your diet.


As an MRP, even if you're "leaning up," MD Complete should be fine. Doesn't it have like 8g of fiber and 23g carbs? So, that's 15g total carbs per serving with the 40g of protein that you get.

Complete tastes sweeter than low-carb MD for me, and I doubt if you control your carb intake for the rest of the day that those 15g of carbs should not throw you off. Especially if you are not competing.

Just park your car a little further away each time you go to the store.


thanks for the info

2 scoops of Metabolic Drive to 16oz of water right?

should i add fruits or anything else into the shake?


Sure, 16 oz works. 12 oz minimum of fluid, I'd say.

Are you gaining? Try raw milk or half and half instead of water.

On its own, you can throw in 1 tbsp of instant ground coffee. Maybe another tbsp of unprocessed (non-alkalized) 100% cacao powder, for the anti-oxidant content.

A little fruit is fine. I'm not an anti-fruit guy.


That, my friend, is the WORST idea you could recommend to someone who is new.


Here is my shake...but I am not trying to lose weight or watch carbs....and this is just for breakfast so it lasts up until lunch without any craving for a mid-morning snack.

2 scoops Metabolic Complete, 16 oz water, 2 tablespoons non fat plain yogurt, 1/2 bananna, handful of frozen blueberries, 4 or 5 pecans.

For a little extra fiber, sometimes I throw in a handful of raw oats.

I know it's not a 'diet shake' but for a hearty breakfast, it's one of the best I had.


Well....it's not like the OP asked what's the best way to create a healthy balanced diet made up of good food choices for a lifestyle change.....they only asked about replacing some meals with a protein shake.

Since that was the question that was asked, I think the suggestion for Metabolic Drive and visiting the velocity diet forums was spot on.


I agree, the velocity diet is way too much for someone who's new. I tried it when I began lifting, didn't go too well. Two of y friends heard about it, I advised against it, again didn't go too well. The V-diet is really only for people who have their shit straightened out and are ready to COMMIT.

That said, I remember hearing about studies that have shown replacing a small meal or two a day with a protein shake have done wonders for overall body composition in relatively untrained subjects.

I'm a big fan of getting low carb MTB and then adding shit to it if you want a carb-y meal. That way, if you just want an extra 20g protein you can just have a shake. if you go with complete, you have no option but to have the carbs too. just my $.02


thanks for the help guys


The Grow shake is just whey protein, its fast acting. Good for post workout

The Surge Recovery is whey + dextrose (simple sugar to spike insulin post workout) and a few other things

The Metabolic Drive is whey + casein protein. Good anytime as a meal replacement (MRP)

The low carb one is the same with lower carbs.

Muscle Milk is most like the regular Metabolic Drive, just a different brand. It also has more fat iirc. A lot of people around here don't like it for some reason, I think the taste is pretty good though.


How do I know he's new? Because the first two words of his post are "i'm new".


All of these have different ingredients and different macronutrient breakdowns. You need to learn how to read nutrition/supplement labels if you do not know how to do so already.


thanks for the help guys i just ordered MD low carb & the Surge for my PWO shake

another question is i work out pretty late at night around 9 or 10. if i drink Surge right after should i just make that my last meal before bed? or should i have maybe a cup of cottage cheese too?


I would not make it my last meal.

I would have Surge and then have another shake or meal after that, that had slow digesting pro and carbs.

Many people do not like to have pro fat and carb in one meal but it doens't bother me.


As for trying the V-Diet.

I would not recommend it. IMHO it is not for someone who is starting out.

And yes I have completed it Sucessfuly


I also recommend ABB Pure Pro shakes if you need something already in a can for on-the-go protein with zero carbs/fat. The chocolate tastes good in my opinion.

Also, they have milk protein and casein to go along with isolate, which is somewhat rare in most pre-made protein shakes.



Just throw a couple of scoops of MD low carb in a shaker with a tblespoon of chia seeds and boom add water when you want a shake..

Doesn;t get much easier.???


The v-diet isn't some magic carpet ride to fat loss. You can drop body fat just as effectively with real foods.

Personally, carb cycling was easier(no feelings of wanting to murder people because you can't eat food), and more effective at burning the fat off.