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Diet Help and Other Help


Lately ive been getting really lazy when it comes to cooking my own food so heres how my diet currently looks

Wake up: 5 BCAA's
Breakfast: 3 eggs, 1 cup oatmeal, protein shake(60g protein, 390 calories) total calories: 930
Snack: 1 cups chocolate milk and 1 cup walnuts(being eaten throughout the day) total calories: 1200
Then 5 BCAA's before my class.
Lunch: sandwich(whole wheat bread, turkey, ham, roast beef), and a can of tuna. Total Calories roughly around 550-600.
Pre-Workout: 5 BCAA's
Post Workout: Smoothie(strawberries, peanut butter, icecream, bananas, protein powder), 5 BCAA's, protein shake. Total Calories = 900
Dinner: (this is where i get lazy and don't feel like cooking myself anything) Chef Boyardee, can of tuna, Total calories= 620
Snack 2: Protein Shake (a lot of peanut butter, 1 banana, chocolate syrup, 1 cup milk)Total Calories = 400
Before bed: Cottage Cheese, 5 BCAA's Total Calories = 150

Can some of you give me some advice on this diet, one thing to take into account is that ive been getting lazy and dont feel like cooking my own food like chicken and meat so i pack my sandwhich with a lot of meat that i do not have to cook. Although this is my main diet I don't follow it exactly every day sometimes i leave out 1 protein shake and sometimes i do not finish the bag of walnuts.

Right now im 6'1 175lbs and i feel as though my gut is getting bigger and bigger. I started off the this semester at 163lbs and been doing this diet since then, I also started BCAA's around 2 weeks ago and i am only going to kill 3 bottles of it due to the lack of funds i have to keep buying it, after that i plan on taking the rest of my creatine and then just sticking to protein until i get more money.

One thing that i do want to improve on is my Ab region and I would like good advice on how to lower my BF % while maintaining my current weight. Its not high right now im still skinny but i would like to get my gut smaller so i could see the lower ab region. For abs ive been following "Legendary Abs".
My current workout plan is as follows:

Biceps/Triceps: (i just got done with barbell curling and i was doing 5 x 5 of 85lb barbell and 90 lbs barbell, and i did Weighted Chin ups, i did these two exercises for 4 weeks and now switched to this.)
5 x 5 Preacher Curl (wide grip with elbows in)(62lbs) (with close grip 88lbs)
5 x 5 Incline Dumbbell Curl (30lb / 35lb dumbbells)
5 x 5 Weighted Dips (35-40lbs plate)
5 x 5 Tricep Push down

5 x 5 Flat Bench Dumbbells (75/80 lb Dumbbells)
5 x 5 Incline Bench Dumbbells (55/60 lb Dumbbells) I just went back to this from doing only barbell bench for both flat and incline and will soon be back to doing 65lb.

5 x 5 Chest Supported Lie down Rows (dont know the correct name)
5 x 5 T-bar seated Rows
5 x 5 Military Press
5 x 5 Arm Extensions (exercise where you look like you are a bird flapping its wings, i do not know correct name).
3 x 8 Dumbbell Shrugs


These are my usual workout routines and I do 6 days on 1-2 days off.


I also forgot to add that I AM trying to bulk to 185-190 but, and i have accepted the fact that my abs disappeared due to this fact that i started bulking from 130lbs but i just want to reduce my lower portion of my abdomen, my gut region. I know this happeneds when you bulk but would like to work on it while bulking at the same time.


You have a complete lack of veggies and rely on protein shakes a LOT not all bad but id try and get more food. Learn to cook ahead take a few hours and coook and package a bunch of food ahead so its easy to take

What are you doing for legs Id put it earlier in the week. Id put the arms last after the other upper body stuff

You were 130 @ 6'1" my goodness you had to have been a rail and have very small bone structure I couldnt get that low if I tried lowest I made it was 165 at 6" and I was literally near death. At your current weight keep working hard and eating to gain. If putting to much fat on which Id really guess you prob arent its more mental then anything, but any way sub out some of the processed crap for real food, like drop the chef boyardee etc and get the same caloric load but from something that actually give back to you more then empty calories



ya it might be a little mental than anything, and ya i was realllllly skinny lol, now at 175 im still skinny but i think im decently strong and at a lot more normal of a weight.And theres only one processed item in my diet, which isnt too bad.


Why the hell are you eating ice cream and chocolate syrup on a regular basis? Also, chocolate milk throughout the day?

Eat cleaner, and whatever BF problems you may seem to have will probably work themselves out.


lol its like 1 scoop of icecream and some chocolate syrup with my peanut butter shakes, i dont think that is a HUGE deal. And the chocolate milk is just something i have between classes to get my share of milk for the day it isnt something i have constantly throughout the day.


thats relative... even just a table spoon of chocolate syrup has either HFCS or sugar... and a lot of it. Mixed with fats which you do not need. Replace the ice cream with protein shake and youll do your gut a big favor. It may not seem like a big deal but you can get the same calories from that ice cream and syrup from clean sources. I know you need calories but a scoop of ice cream can easily be equaled by more healthy fats or fruit which add flavor to shakes.

If you take this out...than its much better. But dont complain about a gut while your eating chocolate syrup everyday. I mean sure some glucose and dextrose (found in Surge) like PWO.. but as a night time shake theres no point.


i just do it for the taste rlly, but for now on ill get shakes without the scoop of icecream in it, ive also cleaned the chef boyardee with steaks that i marinate and eat with rice and broccoli.