Diet Help, 15 Year Old

I am 6’2 and weigh about 73-74 kg at the moment.
My diet consists of:
1 oak milk drink (30g protein)- breakfast
2 cheese and bacon rolls- 69 g carb, roughly 20 G protein
2 protein bars- 20 G protein

Post workout
2 scoop whey shake

I then have a normal dinner with the Fam (whatever is cooking, usually contains either high carbs or high protein or a little bit of both

I then cook my own meal after this which is 2 salmon fillets (roughly 50 G protein)

I think my problem is that I’m not eating anywhere near enough carbs but I’m only just hitting about 195 G protein, I’m not a big eater and sometimes I struggle eating this much but I really think I need more carbs so I can grow more extra muscle mass, any advice is appreciated

Your getting enough protein and likely enough calories. Make sure you are training intelligently and getting enough sleep and water. If 3 weeks go by and you haven’t gained any weight SLIGHTLY increase calories.

At 15, I went to MacDonald and ordered one of everything on the menu.

Diet never even occurred to me…

I ate, a lot.

Carbs aren’t the issue, total calories are. Focus on the foods I listed in the “Kid’s Nutrition and Supplements” section of this article.

What did you weigh 3 months ago?

What does your training look like (days, exercises, sets, and reps)?

For your size, that protein intake is fine. Be sure to get it 7 days a week and you’re good.

If your folks can afford to go through that much salmon, awesome. As an alternative, I’d suggest several whole eggs every day (scrambled, hard-boiled, whatever). Plenty of good fats and good protein, easy source of high-quality calories.

Just to be clear, under no circumstances are you to tell your folks “I can’t eat that, it’s not muscle-building food” when it comes to family dinner. There’s literally no reason for you to try changing or “improving” anything served at dinner.


the best cheap source of protein and calories is ground beef, in my opinion. That could also be an alternative to the salmon.

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Thanks for the advice, I’ll definitely check that kids nutrition section out.

Hey Chris, I was just wondering if sugar was a bad option for carbs/calories and if you could help me find that kids nutrition section that would be great, thanks.

Without a full breakdown, can’t be sure if you really do need more carbs or not, but in regards to when you eat them, definitely try to eat your largest carb meals around 2 hours before/after your workout. Not that getting fat is an issue for you at the moment, but it’s a good habit to get into.

Sugar right before/during/after your workout is ideal. At any other time, should be limited/avoided. But don’t become carb-phobic over a few grams of sugar in things like milk.

Speaking of sugar, I am curious about these protein bars you eat. Also I would expect the cheese and bacon rolls to have a significant amount of fat in them. It seems you are focused on only your carbs and protein. As others have said, your protein is fine. Your task should be 1) getting in enough calories 2) balancing your carb and fat intake depending on your daily needs. Your insufficient caloric intake could very possibly be linked to not getting in enough fats. Throw in a handful of nuts as a snack between meals. Use olive oil during meals.

Yeah I was pretty confident about my protein too, but I understand what you mean, my biggest sources of fats are the 2 cheese and bacon rolls and the 2 salmon fillets but I will consider fitting more fats in now, also in regards to the carbs, I’m only really getting simple carbs eaten, like sugar and white bread and fruit, this is just because I can’t find time to cook things like brown rice quinoa and etc, what do you think would be some good things to bring to school with me lily hat aren’t too difficult to prepare? I don’t wanna sound like a sook but being honest even if i brought rice quinoa and etc to school I would 1 most likely not eat it and 2 not have the time to cook it.

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Honestly, if you’re talking about food to snack on while at school and not around the time of any real physical activity, I’d go back to my advice of snacking on nuts. Easy to carry around, zero prep, and better for your goals. That’s my opinion at least. If you need more carbs in a 24 hour period, then just up the portion size of the simple carbs in your post workout meal.

Yeah that’s sounds good, it’s just difficult because I’m not a big eater buT I’m thinking of just sucking it up a bit and waking up earlier so I can get a breakfast with oatmeal, just so i can up those pre workout carbs up like you said.

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The only problem with that is I did use to do that but the chicken went off half way through the week :confused:

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Seems like increasing liquid calories would be helpful for you.

What do you usually mix your postworkout shake with? Can you afford any intraworkout supplements? Drinking fast-digestive carbs during workouts is an easy way to get extra carbs in during your day. If you buy ingredients to make your own it can come out to pretty cheap.

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Oops i edited the wrong post so i lost the information on my old one,anyway you can just freeze all your meals and just defrost them.

Exactly ! I reckon drink lots of milk

Well the oak drink has about 36 g of sugar and carbs (I’m not sure how much calories) and then I would usually have a big can of v with like 54 g sugar and carbs but I’m trying to stop drinking the v because it is unhealthy, I worked it out and if I were to have oats in the morning 2 cheese and bacon rolls in the day aswell as a Apple ID be getting about 150 g carbs pre workout

Damn, I wish I was 15 again! I use to eat everything…thrice!!!

Anyways…their are lots of ways of bumping up your calories & protein without it feeling like too much of a chore, like: Having a smallish tuna or cheese and sarny in between meals…also with regards the protein bar stuff, you probably don’t really need them if you are eating enough good food. That being said, if you wanna make your own bars, melting some pb and choc spread then heavily mixing it with oats, museli and or powdered flax and protein powder can be a fairly quick, easy, and cheap way to gets some extra cals and protein in.

Can you give a bit more detail on your schedule? Just for the timeframe of all these carbs in comparison to when you workout and how much you have left to do in the day. Is all of this in the morning like a breakfast and you workout before school? Or is this all throughout the morning/lunch and then you workout after school? I just want to clarify if they are really all “preworkout” (i.e. ~2 hours before your workout) carbs or just your total carbs eaten throughout the day prior to working out. You definitely want to figure out a way to get some carbs in postworkout. Is your dinner within 2 hours postworkout?

Using non-fat milk to mix your 2 scoops of whey postworkout would be an easy way to get some extra, useful calories.

Also, just curious, what’s an Apple ID?

Here is a sample plan
Breakfast 6 scrambled eggs
3-4 pieces of toast
Quick and easy to make when you wake up to get ready for school.

Or even 6 fried eggs
Lots of Broccoli

2 cheese and bacon rolls

250 grams of chicken breast
300 grams of steamed veggetables ( you can buy bags of these these from the shops where you just put it in the microwave.)
And some white or brown rice whatever you prefer .

Or even
Whole grain pasta
Veggetables etc

Or a famous dish made popular by @simo74 called garbage can chilli.


1 salmon fillet, a serving of cooked potatoes, some rice

Dinner what parents cook

After dinner meal 1 salmon fillet ,a serving of potatoes and rice

Snacks: nuts, Milk, Greek yoghurt, protein bars, fruit. Protein shake or whatever you have for preworkout. You need to eat Lots!!!