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Diet Has Slid Since Last Comp


I know enough to know that I know nothing.

So since my last comp my diet has slid down here. Mainly that I am not eating enough and what I do eat is well, half assed.

This is a problem as I am getting married in 2 months and would like to look good for it!

I have calculated out that I am eating 3,000 cals a day but I am falling short of 300 grams of protein per day. That I know is the first thing I need to fix! I will be shooting for 320 grams of protein per day (as I weigh 200 right now).

My diet breakdown of today is as follows:
260 grams protein
80 grams fat
307 grams carbs

This splits to:
35% protein of total cals
24% fat
41% carbs

The majority of my carbs are being eaten in the morning and then peri-workout.

Fats are coming from olive oil and other healthy fats such as nuts and PowerButter.

Carbs are coming from whole grains and not the Kellogg kind :slight_smile: as well as fruit.

So is this break down ok, any suggestions on adjusting the percentages?

Thanks for any help all.



What are you trying to do, man?

You mentioned looking good for the wedding (sorry to hear that..er, I mean CONGRATULATIONZZZ!!) but what does that entail?

Dropping some chub?

Adding some lean muscle?


Oops, I write a freaken thesis about my diet but I forgot to mention my goal!

I need to add some mass. I want to fill out the tux and all haha


Hahaha yeah you damn retard, you've been here long enough, you should know better, n00b!

Well 2 months ain't a whole lot of time seeing as the Physique Clinic was like 3 - but a couple of thoughts:

At first glance it looks like your Calories are too low, might wanna bump that up to 3500-4000 (you're lean and seem to have a fast metabolism)-obviously you know your body best and if 4000 Cals/day adds fat too quickly than don't go that high.

Other than that your food sources look fine I'd say, just get your Calories right

And I think you've been doing a majority of powerlifting style training so for a change of pace you may wanna adopt a more traditional bodybuilding split, it might result in some renewed progress.


Sorry about the noob mistake!

Funny you should say that as I have recently bumped my reps into the higher rep ranges (10-12). I am certainly sore since my body is trying to get used to this new method. Not too mention it feels like I just ran a mile after every set :slight_smile:

So I'll up my protein to 320 grams, add more carbs pre workout (I plan on adding a 1 hour pre workout meal of carbs and protein), and I'll take a shot of olive oil before bed with my shake.

I suspect that my over training and too low of protein has been killing my gains.



The 60g of protein will give you another 240 Cals, so if you get about an equal amount of carbs and a shot of olive oil you'll be right at about 3500-3600 Cals.

Obviously adjust upwards if that ain't doin the trick. Good luck man, 2 months is a pretty short time but with adequate food intake and a drastic training change, you should see some nice progression anyways.


I am not expecting anything great in only 2 months. Mainly I would like to gain back the 5lbs that I cut and have not gained back (I was 205 before the meet) and then another 5lbs if possible. With that I will be totally happy and on my way to the top of a new weight class.