Diet Guide Lines for Pure Strength (Thrower)

I just began my first year in college, I am throwing discus for a D1 school. We have throwing practice everyday and weight lifting 3 times a week. All I need to worry about now is school and eating.
I’m not rly concered about size. I’m focused on pure strength at this point, specifically in improving my bench, squat and clean, along with getting more explosive.

College food isnt the best choice, especially since I’m in the 25% bf range but its the majority of what I have to work with besides protein shakes, tuna and eating patties from the local burger joint.
My question is, what should my diet be like for me to keep gaining strength? It’s hard to get specific marcos down but I’m shooting for…
Veggies with every meal and 1-1.25 grams of protein per lb of LBM.
Other than that, I just eat what I can.

So I’m asking, is that enough protein for strength improvement and is there more related advise?

If you don’t care how fat you get: eat tons of carbs/protein/fats for pure strength.

If you do care about how fat you get: keep the carbs moderate/low. Eat good fats.

Like all nutrients, it’s really based on the individual. If you’re full/bloated, don’t eat. If you’re hungry, eat. Avoid junk (processed stuff). If you handle a nutrient well, eat more of that. It’s really more trial and error.

In an ideal world: everyone would be pulsing and using the protocol, but it is not always an ideal world.

The same damn diet that you’d use for hypertrophy

IMO 25% is pretty heavy even for a thrower. I’d be willing to bet that if you stacked your eating like JB recommends. Protein and Fat meals most of the day with protein and carbs based around your training, you’d drop some fat without much effort in actually dieting. As a recent college graduate and now trainer, I constantly bought cheap ground turkey and beans and often made healthy chilli or taco filling for my meals and ate it over some lettuce or spinach which isn’t too pricy. cans of green beans are also super cheap.

in the cafeteria fill up on meats and vege which they often have plenty of. stay away from caloried drinks and empty carbs. Being a purley anerobic athlete you don’t need the massively over filled glycogen stores so don’t worry about shit like carb loading that many coaches will throw at you.