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Diet Good or Bad w/ Cardio, Weights

ok this is what im gonna start eating is it good or bad

a 2-egg omelet with ham quarter of a cucumber and a hand full of cherri tomatoes followed by an apple

11 o’clock food:
quarter of a cucumber and a glass of milk

lunch: two slices of brown bread an apple and a glass of water

3 oclock food:
handful of postastio nuts

chicken and rice with broccoli and cucumber

8 o’clock:
glass of milk

the next day will be the same although rather than chicken and rice i will have a jacket potato with cheese butter and baked beans and some salad of some type

i drink water throughout the day and after a work out i have protein shake and creatine

i am trying to lose weight but want to get muscular also i know people say it cant be done unless you are a begginer well i am a begginer hhaha

also i read a work out shouldn’t be over an hour long but then whyy do some people have 20 hour per week

and is it ok to do cardio for over an hour, say if i was at the gym i do my warm up and stretches then i do my weight bearing work outs then for say a few hours during the day i go back tot he gym and do loads of cardio in between meals

is that a good idea because to me doing hours worth of cardio a day seems good fat loss technique

or cardio i will be doing
exercise bike
rowing machine
and another machine its like bike pedals but for your arms
i do this one for half an hour at a time on max resistance and according to the screen it says you burn 300 calories from a half hour work out,

sorry for all the questions im just sick and tired of being the guy with big muscles but a load of fat on top of them thats how im viewed by my mates and its not good i have like zero confidence and shit pisses me off haha,

oh and im 16 years old just below 16 stone now i was 16 and a
half i have a large bone structure i have alot of muscle but alot of fat to go with it,
im not obbease im far from it actually i just dont look good in the slightest

oh yeah, and im sorry for my incorrect use of grammar spelling and stupid words and explanations i have a serious literacy problem sorry,
and thank you for helping out

You mentioned you have a lot of muscle.
That’s somewhat surprising considering you are a beginner.

What is your weight/height? How heavy are your compound lifts?

As for cardio to lose weight and build muscle, it’s just not going to happen regardless of how long you do it.

A simple 40 minute per day incline walking session will burn more fat than an all out 3 hour run.

Coupled with proper weight lifting and a proper diet, low intensity cardio is your key to losing weight properly. “Properly” being the key word here. Your diet looks decent. Just keep eating sensibly and clean. I would even forego cheat meals until you hit your desired goal.

As for the rest of your post, I would put up a new post in the beginners section as this will probably be skipped over often here.

Good luck!

oh ok thank you very much i can lift over 100 kg on bench press as i done 100kg 10 times i dont knwow hat my max one rep is for any thing,

and yeah i do wonder where my muscle comes form sometimes it could be rugby or from genetics my dad is huge my uncle is huge their dad was huge and so on,
also my mums side the irish side was full of huge boxers haha so i dont know how it works out with me but thatnk you mtate

gees you’ll be dead in a few months!!! not enough cals there have you counted out your cals mate and worked out your maintenace , with in 3 days your body will have turned your t3 down , lowering your temp going into starvation mode

[quote]croc wrote:
gees you’ll be dead in a few months!!! not enough cals there have you counted out your cals mate and worked out your maintenace , with in 3 days your body will have turned your t3 down , lowering your temp going into starvation mode[/quote]

I wouldn’t go that far at all.

Depending on his portion sizes, it’s a pretty respectable diet for cutting fat.

How many cals are you taking in a day?

Needs more protein. Especially at lunch…

According to fitday, that diet has less than 120 grams of protein a day. Unless those meat portions are huge, you’re going to need a LOT more than that.

i do have hugemonts fmeat my poor omlette had so much ham in is fine now though guys i have ia few people helpig me pln a proper program anddiet and stuff and it seems really sutedfo e cheers :slight_smile:

put some egg whites into that omelette

replace milk with cottage cheese

Why the f*ck are you eating “two slices of brown bread” and “postastio” (LOL) nuts for 2 meals straight? ie not getting any proper protein in there? Cut the bread and up the meat/cottage cheese/whey shakes, mate.

dinner - you’re making a big mistake by having this as your biggest meal of the day. if you only have a high carb meal once a day, make it post-workout or breakfast.

pre-bed - casein shake or cottage cheese, again.

you should read around this website.