Diet for the Skinny-Fat

Hi folks,

I was always skinny fat at 6’1 190 lbs. I started working out about 4 months ago and have gotten alot stronger, and lost alot of bodyfat. I started at 18% and have dropped to a comfortable 13%. Im still 6’1 190 lbs, however, now I can bench around my bodyweight and do 6 chin-ups, whereas 4 months ago I could barely clear 90lbs bench. At least its a start…

I would like to gain some weight and get stronger, of course. I find it really hard to get over about 3000 calories a day! What is the best way to do it? I started a food log a week ago, and hear is the approximate breakdown:

Daily calories: 3010
Fat gram 80
(saturated 26)
(poly 14)
(mono 27)

Carbos 290
Protien 215

That is about 40% carb, 30% fat and protien.

I am in the last 2 weeks of Ian King’s super strength 12 week program. Once I am done with that, I am thinking of going to the OVT for 4 weeks, then High Intensity for 4, then OVT again.

My measurements are as follows (dont laugh):

wrist: 7
chest: 41
waist: 33.5
arms : 14
thighs : 24
calves : 16

Max lifts are as follows so far:

bench : 185
squat : 220
dead : 325

They arent much, but its a start for me. Any advice you have with a workout plan and eating plan please let me know!
I would like to eat 4000 calories for muscle growth, but unsure of how to achieve that.

Thanks in advance

Push the limits every time you eat. Eventually you will be able to eat as much as you want.

That skinny Japanese guy (under 120 lbs, I think) ate 50 hotdogs and buns in some rediculously short time. That’s something like 12,000 calories in one sitting!

So just eat like you’d lift weights…add more weight every time you lift lol.

And that japanese guy never gained ANY weight…

BTW, about the whole ‘force yourself to eat’ bit… won’t that backfire when trying to lose weight??



I guess that depends on the person.

That guy didn’t gain any weight at all? You’d think that he’d gain almost 3 lbs of fat from that day! Or maybe it isn’t all digested? But could you imagine how much muscle he might gain if he could eat like than and be on anabolics?! Crazy.

Well… I cant force myself to eat and eat and be sick… Right now (9:00) I am sitting on 2800 calories, and am stuffed… I will probably eat a couple eggs before bed… Im at 270grams protein, 90 grams fat, and 230gram of carbs… I’ve eaten 5 meals including 2 shakes and 3 solid meals.

Any advice would be awesome.

Switch to foods that are less filling for the mean time. I.e. processed carbs (white bread, enriched flour products) try to stay away from fiber.

Please do NOT switch to processed carbs and “stay away from fiber”. There’s no sense in getting into bad eating habits just to try to gain weight. You were fat before (despite being skinny); you want to go back to that?

How many times a day are you eating? A lot of SBs (skinny bastards) have trouble getting in enough cals because they don’t eat frequently enough. In addition to all the other benefits, eating more frequently allows you to up your cals in a more progressive manner than if you don’t.

If you’re already eating six times a day, consider eating seven. Or, if that’s really not feasible, then just try for 50 extra cals per meal. That’ll add up to 300 over the course of your day, which should be enough to kick-start you into gaining weight. If it isn’t, then after a couple of weeks bump it another 50 cals. Then you should see results.

suck it up. set the alarm in the middle of the night and knock back a shake
OVT, massive eating, lotsa fun…

Holy cow… So, according to massive eating, I need to eat close to 5000 calories a day to gain real weight. I guess I will set my goal to 4000 a day for the next two weeks. If I can make that, I will slowly try to increase. Does anyone here keep an online food log w/ calorie lists so that I can attempt to get some ideas?

Whetu has the right idea. When I am trying to get my night meal on an alarm won’t do it for me. Before bed I load 2 shaker bottles with some GROW. One shaker with a little ice and water, and the other with tons of ice and a little water. Then I simply drink a couple of glasses of water before bed. And when I wake up to piss the first time I shake up the shaker with minimal ice and pound it while I piss. I will wake up a few hours later and chug the other loaded shaker. Sounds crazy but works.

Sounds like a good idea… Grow is 100 calories, right? I have some stuff called n-large… its about 600 calories, 50 g whey protien, and 80 carbs (20 sugars). I am going to start eating my regular oatmeal for breakfast with a scoop of whey, then 2 hours later after working out I will do the n-large as post workout. I brought about 2 lbs of rice and chicken to work with me. :-D. Ive been using to track my food and workouts. I usually use Optimum Nutrition for my Whey protien… its cheap ( 30 bucks for 5 lbs) and good. 23g protien, 2 g carb, 110 or so calories.

One trick I’ve used for night time calories is getting two scoops of vanilla Grow and mixing 2-4 tbs of coconut oil into it. It tastes GREAT and is 470-724 calories (depending on how much coconut oil).