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Diet for the Lean Who Want to Get Ripped (Help)


Right! Down to business
I'm 19 currently weight about 161pounds my body fat is around 10/12% and height about 5ft11
My top four abs are clearly visible but I have about 2cm of fat If pinched at the belly button this is hiding the bottom row of abs! I want to drop down to about 8/9% body fat and have a pruned 6pac (something I have always longed for & never had) for summer and then lean bulk from there and keep my abs all year round!

I have been doing a ckd for the past month and lost about 1/2lb I have energy on the diet but I can stand the water bloating when carb loading and always looking so depleted at flat! I have read about carb cycling altho I find myself to be carb sensitive I know it's possible to diet down
on carbs no matter how sensitive you are! I have been eating 6 meals day so this is no
problem I train about 4times a week late evening between 6 & 8

I'm just looking for advice/carb cycling plan that would help to shift that last stubborn lump of fat



You're going to get advice along the lines :

You are skinny, just eat and all your problems will go away.

I know when you're young it all can seem like things have to happen here and now, but if you take a longer view you'll be happier with what you can achieve.

I'm 5'11" myself and weigh about 230lbs with top four abs showing, I'm 30 but I've only got 4-5 years of lifting under my belt. Before that I was super-fat at about 440lbs...

What I'd say is that your absolute best route to getting a good six pack and looking good lean is to pick a basic, easy to follow program like 5/3/1 or 5x5 and just hit that as hard as possible for 8-12 weeks. Get about 1g/lb of protein and then add calories through fat and carbs (more carbs around workouts and mornings) so that you aren't losing weight week to week.

If you've been doing CKD then I'll assume you've got a reasonable food knowledge (macros etc) so I think you'll find these guidelines pretty simple. I think the best thing you can do to achieve any goal is maintain a routine. CKD I think makes it too easy to go off the rails a couple days a week and then have to be too strict while you're actually lifting. Carb cycling is kinda the opposite in that you're doing controlled crazy calorie intake while lifting and then cutting while resting.

Anyway, this is too long already. My advice... lift heavy compound movements, 3-4x week increase protein (proper keto is low-mid protein) eat carbs around workouts and aim not to lose weight, even add little weight week to week. Look at a 12 week situation.

One last thing... maintain physique with another 5kg of muscle on you will be SO much easier than maintain it if all you do is lose more weight (and muscle).

Good luck.


Try posting this in the Supplements and Nutrition forum. You'll get a lot more responses their because it really has nothing to do with "Conditioning"


a. You're skinny, before you get cut up have something to actually show while you're cut (muscle).

b. You've lost half a lb in a month? What are you doing for training and how many calories are you taking in? If you're truly intent on getting the OMG I have da ripped abz! you're doing something wrong if you have only managed to drop a half lb in a month.

c. You've probably shut down your metabolism if you've been dieting for a good amount of time.

d. Keep carbs to peri-nutrition only if you're carb intolerant and having issues with them. Breakfast may be fine as well.

e. Have a cut off point 3-4 hours before bed for anything non-protein (other then trace amounts of fat/carbs)

f. Have a cut off point 2 hours or so before bed for food

g. Drink lots of ice water

h. Refer to point a, come back in a year or so when you actually have some muscle. Being 180+ at 7-8% bodyfat and having "pruned abs" is actually appreciable on these boards. Being skinny with abs (what you're going for) isn't. Also, having more muscle will allow you to cut down much easier.