Diet For The Impared

Can anybody recommend a diet for somebody who’s injured and cannot lift

Don’t know a single thing about you and your workout/nutrition history. BUT…if I was out for awhile, I’d still keep the protein intake fairly high to take advantage of the TEF, (thermic effect of feeding), consume some good fats (fish oil pills), and get all my carbs from nothing but fruits and especially veggies. Still eat @ least 6 meals/day and drink a lot of agua.

Simple, but I think it would be a good plan 'til you get back healthy again.


Establish your maintanence calories and eat about that in the normal, healthy (eg avoiding the evil fat+carb) way. Maybe keep your calories slightly hypercaloric so as to discourage catabolism. Other then that; eating less will mean muscle loss, eating more will mean fat gain. So just go maintence :slight_smile:

I recently had minor surgery where I wasn’t able to lift for a while. I ate six meals a day. The first three P+C, and the last three P+F. I got everything from whole foods. Extra lean meats, veggies, fruits, oatmeal, natural peanutbutter, and skim milk. I also took fish and flax seed oil and a multivitamin.

This worked well for me. When I was able to start lifting again, I had maintained my weight and muscle mass.

Thanks for the replies. Is it possible to cut at all without lifting or am I going to be stuck at this level of body fat until I heal (if i do).

Not even worrying about your BF%, but simply your health/recovery.

I have to say it would be less than smart to go on a hypocaloric diet and try to cut while your body it healing. The healing process itself is very demanding of fuel and you need to feed that with an even higher amount of groceries than when you are maintaining.

Eat above your maint. level slightly and concentrate on getting better. Then worry about your physique more. Also this will help preserve as much LBM as possible. Food in and of itself is very anabolic.

Hope that helps, and wish you the best of luck,