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Diet for repressing cancer (Bill Roberts & JMB)

My very close friend’s father has a malignant brain tumor, and I would like recommendations regarding optimal diet to support health and slow/reverse the tumor growth. What about fatty acid intake? Macronutrient breakdown? Kcal intake? I know Barry Sears says something about actually avoiding flax oil (“a wet blanket on the delta desaturase enzyme”?) and is a strong advocate of molecularly distilled fish oils. His father is an otherwise very healthy and strong man in his 60s, who has been doing plenty of squats and push ups to this day, but is currently bedridden. I receive any helpful advice most gratefully.

Tons of info on cancer and nutrition can be found at the Life Extension web site.
Go to : www.lef.org
Type in cancer and search “PROTOCOLS”
I know you’ll find tons of stuff. I just lost my dad to prostate cancer that had metastasized to the bones BUT thanks to Life Extension he lasted about three years- most of it in good spirits rather than two months

Best of luck bud