Diet for My Dog

I just adopted a dog. She’s 5 y/o pug, a few pounds overweight, but otherwise very healthy. She’s a pretty little dog, maybe 20 lbs or so, and I would guess that she needs to lose about 3-4 pounds. I’ve been getting her more active by playing with her and doing about 12 flights of stairs per day. While exercise and food restriction are what a vet would recommend, I’ve been thinking about going a little more extreme.

I already feed her a pretty healthy (canned) dog food that has a pretty good macro ratio, but I’ve been thinking of putting her on a very low carb diet for a few weeks, and then maybe try to carb cycle for an indefinite period to maintain her ideal weight.

I would like to know if:

A) anyone has ever put there dog on a keto type diet, or something similar, and if so if you would elaborate on what worked for you/your dog.

B) has anyone ever given there dog supplements besides a multi vitamin? I’m not sure what the guidlines would be for dogs, but obviously something like fishoil would be a good idea. If you have experience with this or guidelines on dosages please elaborate.

C) What Biotest supps would be suitable for a dog? Carbolin 19?

D) Also, how much volume can a small dog handle as far as doing flights of stairs?

I used to had a race dog… He left because of renal problems, I don’t know the cause, oh well…

But the thing is that when he finished his racing carrer, he told me that he wanted to get bigger, so he can do “doggy style” more with the biteches 'round there…

So this is what he used to look like before i gave him some NITRO-TECH and some shark based test prop, some d-bol, and tren.

And this is how he got after 4 weeks of supps and weight training alongside with his sprinting work (he wasn’t going to follow a stupid plastic rabbit now, so he force to put 2lbs of roasted steak instead of the f*king rabbit…) He was very irritable those days… hmmm

How’s the doggy style been treatin em?

look into a raw food diet, or b.a.r.f. diet for your dog. I feed mine a raw chicken back for breakfast, sometimes add an apple, or banana. Then for dinner I buy columbia naturals chub’s. They are basically raw meat, ground bone, and veggies. I mix up the type of meat: turkey, chicken, duck, etc… This is what a dog would eat in the wild. They would not eat dry kibble with lots of grain in it.

Canned is slightly better, but … If you are willing to give your dog supp’s then just try this. Then just like us, you need to figure out exactly what quantities are appropriate without turning your dog into a chubby dog or too skinny of a dog.

I didn’t know Michael Vick posted on these boards.

Just curious, what brand is your healthy “canned” food?

Not just vitamins, but I feed my dog fish oil. Flameout might be good…lol

I have a 6yr old husky, 45lbs. I started her off with dry kibbles. She is totally sick of kibbles. When she turned about 4yrs, I was talking to a few owners and their dogs diet. All of them put their dogs on BARF(Bones And Raw Food) diet. I did a little research on the net and I as well slowly cahnged her diet to raw food and bones. I feed her “Primal”. She fucking loves that stuff. After a few days of primal, she became more active, and her coat was fucking amazing… You should too look into BARF diet…

Dogs were meant to eat MEAT, not kibbles.

Thanks for the replies guys. I’ll look into the BARF diet. I’ve never heard of it, so thanks for bringing it up. A few questions about it (of course I will research it, but if you know…):

  1. What’s the purpose of including bone in it? As a source of calcium? Why not just all raw meat and veggies?
  2. Is there any risk of bacteria with certain raw meats, or is this only a human problem? Although not worms are not exactly bacteria, I know that dogs are also susceptable to intestinal worms, so is this an issue?
  3. Should certain veggies, like broccoli, be partially steamed and or blended/pureed to increase digestibility?
  4. Why does the meat have to be raw?
  5. Are eggs allowed?

The canned “healthy” food is Kirkland Signature (from Costco). It’s not spectacular I’m sure, but at least it doesn’t have wheat in it (rice is the main carb source).

Thanks again for the replies.

Feed them raw meaty bones (turkey thighs,drumsticks,beef bone shanks) Don’t waste your money on canned or even anything labeled raw frozen dog food. It’s pretty much over priced expired human food.Get them the real thing,. Only cause of money issues I have my boy on 1/2 raw 1/2 canidae

I think it’s funny that we take so much care to feed our dogs ‘high quality’ food but they will sneak into the garbage if they get a chance.

Personally it’s been kibble (human grade, of course! ha), fish oil and bones from the butcher. She’s a senior now with minimal health issues throughout her life.

if you feed it soft food, make sure it has something to chew on, gets hard food from time to time, or gets its teeth cleaned regularly.

If your dog doesn’t like to chew bones and eats soft food, even the high quality stuff, its teeth will be rotten in a few years.