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Diet For Mr. Skinny-Fat!!!

Hey T-Freaks, throw a diet at me! I am 18, weigh 135, am about 5’6 tall. The problem with me is that I am skinny-fat. I don’t want to go on a bulking diet, because I can’t afford to gain any fat. I don’t want to go on a cutting diet either, because I can’t afford to lose muscle. What I need is a maintenance-type diet, to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time, slowly but surely. What macronutrient profile should I follow? How many calories per day? I know that what works for one person may not work for another, but I will appreciate any semi-standard info that somewhat applies to all, just something to start with. I weightlift four times a week. On Monday I train Chest. On Tuesday, Quads. On Thursday, Back. On Friday, Hams. Of course, I work out smaller muscle groups like arms and calves and abs, but I don’t need to mention those. You get the idea. I jog twice a week for 15 min. (Wednesday and Saturday). Oh yeah, I am supplementing with Myostat, Surge, and ZMA, along with Fish Oils and Multi-Vitamins/Minerals. If there is any other info you need, ask away! Thank you!

You’re 135 lbs. BULK!!!

Once you put on some muscle you will be able to loose the fat much easier. Check out the FAQ section for diet/ workout ideas.

You either train/diet to gain LBM or to lose fat. Can’t do both at the same time. Have you read the FAQ? The Essential Berardi? Skinny Bastard diet? The Diet Manifesto? If the answer is “no” to any or all of these - then read these articles first. Good luck.

if you are skinny fat then you really dont have much muscle to being with. lower overall volume of training and up fishoil intake. try the anabolic diet, i like it a lot. lose the fat now then bulk. dont lose more than 2 pounds a week (exception of water related drops with low carbing, use your head to get through this) and dont alcohol. since you seem to be a newby you may put on some muscle while leaning out. OR you could start bulking…

HOLD off on the supplements. Work on your diet first. Do you keep a food log? If not, you need to start. You need to find out how much you have been eating. Make sure your nutrition is sound first before supplementing.

I'd say cut down on the amount of time spent in the gym. If you haven't yet, start incorporating exercises like: squats, deads, bench. A 3-day routine could be something like Day One: legs; Day Two: back; Day Three: chest. And there you go.

But definitely read the FAQ for diets and routines.

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that most skinny adolescent males are not really lean but fit into the same “skinny fat” group that you speak of. I have also noticed this seems to be more in evidence today then say 10 or 15 years ago. I would guess it can be attributed to lack of activity coupled with high intake of processed carbohydrate foods so I would recommend you eat slightly above maintenance calories for muscle gain but eat really clean with a reduction in carbs and elimination of sugar and at your age and activity level you should gradually shed that layer of fat while increasing muscle mass. Something like a 40% protein 30% carb and 30% fat diet should work well for you.