Diet for HGH-Only Cycle?

hey everyone,

Im currently on a ramp up cycle of HGH. 2ius a day…will eventually get up to 4 or 5ius a day. Best times to do the injections - early morning and in the afternoon …not before bed or pref not before bed as you dont want to surpress your own HGH output. Read all of this - got it!

Now before anyone wants to start flaming me about an HGH only cycle, know this - i intend on doing another AAS cycle in 2 months or so. By then, i would have worked up to 4 / 5 IU’s a day of the hgh. I dont feel comfortable doing insulin or t3 so im rather going to do hgh with aas.

now heres my question. Ive read that hgh supplimentation can dampen insulin receptors and increase your risk of diabetes. Ive also been told that on an HGH cycle without insulin, regular meals throughout the day should be fine. Do I avoid sugary things, stick to complex carbs and protein. What should one eat before injecting, after injecting etc? Ive read hgh works best on an empty stomach but i tend to eat breakfast then inject, then inject after gym.

Advice anyone? Still pretty new to HGH and AAS but have done quite a bit of reading…but getting mixed responses which doesnt help much.


You’re wasting your money, you have no idea what you’re doing.

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Awsome stuff, thats exactly what I needed to know Bushidobadboy. Thanks alot. Constructive precise feedback.

Rational Gaze that wasnt very helpful.

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Good stuff BBB, have already started limiting my sugar intake. Sweets and chocs are out. I do on occasion have a banana or 3 so have started limiting that as well. I generally follow a low GI diet, but have been eating junk now and then. Ive also noticed im getting hungry alot more often than i used to be. For example ive eaten 3 small meals in the last 2 hours…all healthy but still more than usual.

Ive decided my next cycle which i will do in november will be Deca, Sustanon and Dbol. By then i would have worked my way up to 4 ius of HGH so should be awsome results.

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hey there BBB

sure thanks for the help.

1st month - 2ius shot in the morning (1 iu on each oblique or either side of my navel)
2nd month - 3ius (1.5 ius in the morning and 1.5ius in the afternoon or just after workout …preferably 4 hours before bed)
3rd month - 4ius (2 shots…morning and late afternoon)
4th month to 5th month - 5 ius
6th month - first 2 weeks at 3.5ius, second 2 weeks at 2ius - end cycle

mid 3rd month while on hgh im going to do an AAS Cycle:

Deca durabolan - 400mg per week for 8 weeks
Sustanon 250 - 500mg per week for 8 weeks
Dianabol - 30mg per day, six days per week for 6 weeks

im considering after the 8 week bulking cycle to do a 4 week cutting cycle with primo and anavar with maybe clen as well. Im still trying to figure out the best PCT for this cycle and possibly incorporating the test taper protocol.


Sorry for the insulting reply, I should have at least expressed my thoughts in a constructive way. I suppose I don’t understand why you’re starting with HGH, and why you’re tapering the dose like this.

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hi BBB

thanks for the reply.

Well ive read that on low doses of HGH one can inject every day. But on higher doses - 4ius+ every other day. I have not heard about E3D…what is the reasoning behind this…or can you give me a link to one of your previous posts about this so that I can read up? Ive also heard abotu 5 days on 2 days off.

I figure for the 1st month …2ius daily…just to make sure i dont have any sides such as swollen hands and feet…I have however been getting headaches in the evening.

Ive also read its advisable to incorporate Metformin or pioglitazone to increase insulin sensitivity…which is alot safer than insulin.


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hey thanks BBB…thats very helpful. Makes alot of sense. Just a question, Does it have to be every 3rd day… or can it be every 2nd day? and shots of around 4ius/5ius. Would I still split the shots into 2 shots - a morning and then afternoon shot? I recon i start doing this from next week.

would you recommend using metformin or pioglitazone? If yes, what daily dose would be advisable?

I hear nowadays people are using low doses of metformin as part of their anti-ageing regimen.

By the way im battling not to eat after doing a shot in the morning. Basically i get up, do a shot, then have breakfast. Then eat every 2/3 hours at a time…mostly complex carbs. I love my tea - tend to have a minimum of 6 cups a day…i take fruitose instead of sucrose with my tea. 1 teaspoon. I also love bananas …have around 3 a day. Now im not sure how this would effect me with the hgh im taking.

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Search for ‘BBB’s HGH Protocol’. Its a whole thread devoted to his E3D prtocol and a lot of info is discussed.

Yep sorry was being lazy instead of searching the threads…will do that now.

sorry i did ask another question…i mean its the first time im reading about E3D protocol for hgh…most sites ive googled…and forums…they say 5 on 2 off…or ED or EOD. Hence the number of questions.

Im quite chuffed today…end of 2nd week back into gym after a 2 month break…thank goodness for muscle memory…looking pretty much how I did before things went south after my pct. :slight_smile:

Anyway, let me read up on the hgh stuff on the treads on here…and will tweak my cycle.

By the way you guys didnt mention anything about Metformin…and I see theres another member on the forum asking a similar question. Promise thats the last thing i will ask :slight_smile:

thanks again guys and especially BBB for taking the time to respond to some of my questions.

thanks again

OOOpps …i see you guys did reply to that post by that other dude…ok sorry only read it now.

thanks BBB.

bbb do you recommend a low carb diet while on a GH/T3 cycle for fat loss purpose only???

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