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Diet for gaining strength.

If one wanted to train purely for the development of strength whilst maintaining or dropping weight what kind of P/C/F percentages would you guys suggest and how many calories?Maintanance? Below maintanance? A shit load of them?

The distance running question ,made me think of the opposite end of the spectrum.

Neurological strength adaption can occur in either hypo, iso, or hypercaloric states. Particularly in compound exercises.

However, it’s a lot more likely to occur if you’re at least at maint, if not above, I believe.

Christian mentioned something once about how a low caloric state ‘distracts’ the nervous system.

i have had great results with 5x5 and either the T dawg 2.0 or the dont diet approach. in both cases calories are not severely restricted. which allows you to drop some fat and yet still train hard. keep the overall volume of your program down and incorporate 3 days per week of hiit.

Cheers guys. That helps a lot. At the moment Im about 84kg/185lb at a height of 172.5cm/5 foot 8. Im going to estimate BF at around 13-15 percent. How low do you think I could go with the calories? I pretty much know the kind of workout I will follow just really unsure about the nutritional side.

your about the exact same size as me im a few % points less however. like i said, if your training for strength and looking to drop fat, the t-dawg 2.0 has worked great for me. a low volume routine such as “maximal weights” and 2-3 hiit sessions per week will give you what you want. give it a try you’ll be happy.

I think Ian King (maybe Poliquin)addressed this in a Q&A topic once. Or maybe it’s in Poliquin’s Modern Trends book. But I’m not completely positive.

For neural adaptations, it is okay to consume less carbs since you will be using much less energy (more sets, less reps, more rest). As for how low you can go, I would say that depends on your training and how your body responds. But I would think that you could use a low carb, higher protein and fat diet and still lose weight and gain strength.

Thank you kindly Nate. Most informataive. At the moment I can only train on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so the HIIT is a no and Im just focusing on the strength training and let diet take care of the rest.

Im more concerned with not adding bulk as oppossed to getting lean just because I live in Japan and when I bulk up its a pain in the arse to get jackets and trousers that fit!!!

At the moment im working with singles and triples and trying out a program by the Russian guy with the VERY long name. Its pretty good fun to do so few exercises. Its nice to focus.


Cool deal. Let me know how it goes. Pavel Tsatsouline’s stuff is pretty cool. It’s just a little too low in volume for me.

A friend of mine has been using some of his techniques to increase his bench. It has worked, as he set a new PR recently in a bench press competition.

I asked the same question a while back and it turned into a pretty good thread. I just bumped it up for you!