Diet for energy

I’ve been doing a ton of reading about nutrition, and I’m trying to burn off some fat, so I’ve come up with somewhat of a plan, and I could use any advice anyone has. I play ultimate soccer, and if you’re not familiar with the sport it basically involves a ton of sprinting.
I’m planning on eating, trying to adhere to jon berardi’s macronutrient grouping ideas.

breakfast 8 am:
2 eggs scrambled in canola oil
sausage or bacon

snack at ~10:30
mixed nuts

lunch ~12:30
protein shake made with whole milk and flaxseed oil (I’m experimenting with different protein shakes, right now I’m using soy protein powder, no carbs, no fat, but I may switch to whey as I’ve heard that’s better)

Pre-ultimate meal ~4:00
Brown rice with beans and veggies

Dinner around 9:30-
something like chicken with broccoli, maybe some brown rice, basically a low fat high protein and carbs meal

How does that sound? I realize that I should probably be eating more fish, but you have to keep in mind that I work in non profit so I’m totally poor. The same thing explains why I’m eating bacon and/or sausage. I also tend to feel that eating real food in general is better than supplements, so I try to keep them as minimal as possible. I may be slightly high on the saturated fats end, but I’m working on that.

I’d appreciate any advice anyone has. My attempt is to coordinate my meals for when I need energy, so that’s why during the week my first three meals are all protein and fat. It feels weird to me to have a shake for lunch, but I think the timing just works better that way when you consider my playing schedule. Thoughts?


“2 eggs scrambled in canola oil”

Yikes! Ditch the canola oil. That processed junk is terrible for you. Go with some real butter.

Avoid the soy protein. If you do a search for it in the articles, you will see why it’s so bad.

“I may be slightly high on the saturated fats end, but I’m working on that.”

I was actually thinking you were on the low side of saturated fats. You could add some butter to veggies. The extra saturated fat will also help you utilize EFAs.

I would recommend one supplement: Cod liver oil. It has great EFAs and also a lot of vitamins A and D. Your diet is severly lacking in these nutrients, so it would be wise to supplement.

Maybe add in some “super foods” that basically are like natural supplements. This would include liver, oysters, clams, roe, sea vegetables, shrimp, and other organ meats from healthy animals.

Hope this helps,

1st: Dump the soy protein

2nd: When do you work out? A protein + carb meal isn’t optimal at 9:30pm unless that’s immediately post-workout. (Your body isn’t as adept to digesting carbs later in the evening, except post-workout when there’s increased glycogen demands). Post workout you should be having liquid protein and simple carbs (dextrose or maltodextrin or the like…not fructose or sucrose). This will help drive protein into your muscles, and restore muscle glycogen.

3rd: I’d knix the second serving of brown rice. (I wouldn’t even include the first one…but that’s just personal preference).

4th: You have a lot of incomplete proteins. Mixed nuts have very little protein, and is generally incomplete. Add some beef jerky (homemade stuff is cheap to make) or a can of tuna or salmon. Same goes for your brown rice/beans/veggies meal. Add some form of complete protein (ie. meat) and you’ll be better off.

A word on the cost of your diet. Many of us here are students, who get little or no pay. And we still manage to eat healthy, at low cost (as little as $3 per meal). Keep your eyes peeled for sales on tuna (When it’s 99c I buy 40-60 at a time). Buy lean ground beef, or round roasts. They’re much healthier than bacon and sausage, and in the long run cheaper, since you’ll be reaching your goals faster.

yeah…nix the soy…OUCH!

Also, instead of canola oil, use olive oil (gotta get your mono’s in there).

I pretty much agree with what ND said, when do you workout? P+C before bed isnt a smart idea, unless of coarse you are working out at night.

Bacon and sausage??? man, get some lean ground beef or better yet, have a chicken breast with breakfast

Tony G,

First, I personally think olive oil with eggs is revolting, but that’s just me. Second, he would have to cook at low temperatures since olive oil is a monounsaturated fat. While more stable than poly, it still can go ranic easily at high heat. So if he were to use olive oil, he would have to make sure to cook at low temperatures for a longer time.

I think he needs the saturated fats anyway. I don’t get why so many people keep it out of their diet. In my opinion, eating only lean meat is unhealthy.

Take care,