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Diet for Dad

My dad is in his mid fifties, around 230 pounds, probably 5’10, and has a bad back. He can’t lift weights, but he does go on walks every day to get some exercise in. I’ve been pouring over a lot of the dieting articles here and on berardi’s web site and I’m trying to get all the literature I can to provide him with some solid information. It’s going well so far, but is there any specific literature you could recommend for his particular situation? He’s always been able to attain temporary success (dropping 40 lbs+) with those gimmick diets (Atkins, etc), but it always comes back. Lifestyle change is obviously going to be a key ingredient to success for him. Suggestions?

Yep lifestyle change is necessary. But you can offer him some relief by lettin him know that if he’ll take a good complex of amino acids with emphasis on the BCAA’s he can hold onto muscle tissue, while helpin his body run better in general. Also he needs a multivitamin to help with his more than likely not so great diet. Oh and btw…change the name of this post plz lord, it says “Died for dad” and i hope you meant “Diet for Dad.” Anyways thats my 2 cents, anymore questions you can PM me.