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Diet for Cycle

I’m planning on eating the following throughout a 3/4 week cycle of Androsol and sublingual cyclodextrin nordiol:

(2) Yogurt (6) Glass of Milk (16 oz.) (1) Grow! w/Milk (4) Cup of Cottage Cheese w/Fruit (2) Prepared Chicken Breast (2) Big Whey Serving w/Water (1) Light Supper (anything I want, likely less than 500 calories)

This turns out to be around 4000 calories, with 410 grams of protein (most of it casein protein from real food). This looks like a great diet (boring, but high quality food), and combined with the aforementioned supplements I think I'll have excellent results (I'm hoping for 10-20 lbs of muscle). I'll let you guys know how it turns out.

Here are the results: I’m up 11 pounds post-cycle, and at least 7 of those are solid muscle. I didn’t do as well as I hoped, and I attribute that to two factors: (1) not eating nearly enough (I overestimated the amount of real food I would be able to eat), (2) problems with crystalization of the Androsol. But still, it’s hard to complain on any cycle that adds 1/2 an inch to your arms (and a proportionate amount on the other body parts). I’m going to carefully diet for the next 4 weeks, and then I’ll do another 4 week cycle, this time adding MRPs and other foods that are calorie and protein dense, and being more careful with the application of Androsol. Hopefully by this time we will see N-17E in production.

I’d just reccomend more fruit and veggies as they tend to put the body in a more alkalinic state… With acidic pH levels, the body cannot grow muscle… I personally believe that this is the most overlooked aspect of bodybuilding nutrition… Actually, you have a great diet… It’s very similar to mine… I would just have 3 or 4 pieces of fruit between meals and a good amount of veggies with your chicken and your light supper…